Managing Emergencies and Crises MOBI Ô Managing

Managing Emergencies and Crises As the scale freuency and intensity of crises faced by the world have dramatically increased over the last decade there is a critical need for a careful evaluation of knowledge of managing disasters Managing Emergencies and Crises presents the experience of emergency management from a continental perspective by focusing on the emergency response systems processes and actors in the context of the United States and Europe It explores the institutional socio cultural and political aspects of crisis response and management Your students will examine uestions such as What does the experience of disaster response from Japan Pakistan Greece and Turkey to the UK and US tell us about the state civil society cooperation in such environments How effective are the existing prevention and preparedness mechanisms to protect societies against disasters What specific roles are attributed to state federal international and private sector participants at a rhetorical level and how those actors actually carry out their 'responsibilities' and work with each other in the event of a crisis

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