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Red Tape and White Knuckles Unafraid of a challenge Lois Pryce began the kind of adventure most of us could only ever dream of She put on her sparkly crash helmet armed herself with maps and a baffling array of visas and got on her bike Destination Cape Town and the small matter of tackling the Sahara war torn Angola and the Congo Basin along the way this feisty independent woman's grand trek through the Dark Continent of Africa is the definitive motorcycling adventureColourful and hilarious Red Tape and White Knuckles is an action packed tale about following your dreams that will have you packing your bags and jetting off into the sunset on your own adventure before you know it Better than her first book? You betExcellent read from start to finish Lois has a way of keeping a story simple but manages to place the reader right there with her riding pillion all the way Scary parts Humorous parts Oh my goodness parts And Damn I wish I was there too parts They're all there to make one helluva story that ranks right up there with the very best motorcycle adventure stories I hope Lois and Austin continue their motorcycle journeys together for a very long time More like “Red Hair White Privilege” Had a hard time choking down the author’s catty remarks about other women her blatant prejudice and her “in case you forgot I’m a woman Riding Alone Through Africa” script I picked up this book because I wanted to hear about the motorcycling You know because it’s a book about a motorcycle trip Besides hearing that she dropped it a handful of times there was nothing of interest for motorcyclists to get into No mention of a flat tire a busted chain a dirty carb She alluded to a future oil change at one point Are we to believe she rode from England to South Africa with zero bike drama? She never ran out of gas? Not once? It sputtered 50m from the southern tip of the continent but she shook it and it started up again? That’s all we get? This book should come with a disclaimer on the cover “Move along motorcyclists Nothing to see here” This book promised so much a woman riding a motorbike through Africa What an adventure I thought Unfortunately somehow I was actually bored while reading this The author did not have to constantly remind me that she was a woman riding a motorbike solo through Africa I got that from the blurb It's why I got the book So get on with the story and tell me about Africa The writing was also terrible and predictable which didn't help the story This is the second one of Lois Pryce's adventures I've devoured I almost gave up on this one a couple of times but not through any fault of the author It was because of the adventure itself Africa was hostile to Lois and it's not a continent I would have any interest in conuering on two wheels It's not a challenge I would undertake but that's part of the thrill of reading her books You don't have to lift a foot off the pedal and she takes you along with terrific story telling However there was one train ride in particular that I read with my heart lodged in my throat I had to keep reminding myself that there was of the story to tell so she obviously survived it even though it looked a little grim at times Lois Pryce would be the ultimate dinner party guest She is an adventure rider that any motorcyclist male or female can respect

  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • Red Tape and White Knuckles
  • Lois Pryce
  • English
  • 03 March 2016

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