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Breakfast in bed TAKE ONE NEWLY SINGLE WOMANAt thirty one Amber is being bombarded with wedding invitations just as she's collecting her divorce papers and her bossy best friend has gone one step further and made her chief bridesmaid It's high time Amber regained control of her lifeADD A PASSIONATE AND FIERY CELEBRITY COOKAmber's joy at landing herself a coveted role in Oscar Retford's kitchen soon fades as she discovers Oscar is as famous for his furious temper and addiction to firing people as he is for the legendary meals he creates TURN UP THE HEATBut as passions start to run high and her past catches up with her it looks like Amber's cooked up a recipe for disaster

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    Eleanor Moran is the author of three novels well she will be when this one comes out and I got my first taste of her books last year when I read Mr Almost Right I enjoyed the book it wasn’t perfect but it was a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a day or two So when I heard Eleanor had moved publishers and there’d be a new book in 2011 I was thrilled and I loved the sound of it I was incredibly happy to find a bright pink why they haven’t used the pink for the official cover confuses me it’s much eye catching than the pale blue proof copy in the mailbox one day With all my other urgent review books firmly out of the way this was my first book I wanted to readAs I was reading Breakfast In Bed I was wondering constantly what I’d be typing once I’d finished the book Sometimes a review writes itself sometimes I struggle it all depends how much I feel for a book Unfortunately Breakfast In Bed didn’t make a particularly good impression on me I can barely remember what I read and I only finished it half an hour ago; it’s not a book that will stay with me long after it’s onto my book shelf The novel started well enough I liked Amber immediately and I was very much taken with the fact the novel revolved around a kitchen it’s such a rare occasion for a female character in a Chick Lit novel to be a chef and we all say sexism isn’t rife in Chick Lit? I very much enjoyed the frantic pace of the kitchen and felt Moran covered it well and I definitely wouldn’t have minded had every single scene in the novel been set in the kitchen because it was frantic and fast and it definitely kept me readingI would hazard a guess that part of my problem to really feel the novel is the fact that besides Oscar and perhaps Amber the cast aren’t that well fleshed out Oscar is a Gordan Ramsay clone but beautiful although I did find it hard to banish imagining Oscar as Gordon with his swearing and his fiery temper is there no such thing as a mild mannered chef? Clearly it’s an oxymoron Oscar’s ex wife Lydia is the slim svelte beautiful woman Amber could never hope to live up to whereas Oscar’s daughter Tallulah is a spoilt brat desperate for her parents attention Milly Amber’s best friend is the rich girl with not a lot happening in her life at all None of the characters took me by surprise they were all conveniently placed Dom Amber’s ex husband is a slime ball and no matter how much Amber tried to tell me that he was sweet once upon a time I just couldn’t believe it because he just seemed horrible I know it sounds like I’m balling the book out there’s worse to come sadly but I just found myself disappointed by the fact the character’s all fit the Chick Lit check listDespite all of that though I was enjoying the novel I liked the way Oscar and Amber’s relationship was progressing I liked the way they were hot and cold together how Oscar called her Fish Girl There were small issues that bugged me but they were easy to brush away and for the most part the book was an OK read It didn’t blow me away nor did it set my world alight or anything but I didn’t want to stop reading it at all it wasn’t bad Until the ending Notoriously it’s hard to get an ending just right My main parameter for the ending of a novel is that I believe the two characters who end up together are believable in their love I believe in them I believe that when I close the novel they’re going to ride off into the sunset Sadly the ending of Breakfast In Bed ruined the rest of the book I was peeved I didn’t like the ending I didn’t believe Amber ended up with the right person I thought it was fifty massive steps back and I still can’t believe the turnabout Just no Many will probably love the ending and perhaps I can’t truly see why Amber chose who she chose because I’ve never been in that situation but I just couldn’t see it I didn’t see them riding off into the sunset I saw heartbreak in Amber’s futureAm I wrong to say the ending ruined the book for me? I don’t think so In a novel the beginning the middle and the end must all work together in tandem for me Most of the novel was OK But the ending was horrific To me anyway It felt like I had to try too hard to like the book There’s a big supposed rivalry between Oscar and a man named Angus with whom he used to work but I felt the rivalry wasn’t properly focused on It was just there and Moran could have done so much with it it just felt like an empty plot line hanging there I’m uite disappointed the bare bones for the story were there and I enjoyed the kitchen action and Amber and Oscar’s relationship but I never really felt for the characters and the ending make me want to be sick because I just couldn’t see it Moran has potential no doubt about it but I felt disappointed once I’d finished Breakfast In Bed I can understand the ending a tiny little bit but well I don’t agree with it I don’t agree with it at all and it kind of ruined everything I’d read up until then so sadly I wouldn’t recommend it though I’m sure there’ll be many people that love the book I just wasn’t one of them

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    As I was reading this book I keep having this urge to stop and give up Not that I dont like the story but coz well I dont like how the story is progressing It was okay until I realized everything is just so predictable Predictable in a sense that its either a cliche or something overrated Oscar the chef with a deadly charm but with a temper that can blow the chili out of his kitchen Milly the bestfriend whose rich beyond imaginable and doesn't know what to do with her money Dom the philandering husband who blame it all on the wife for not having enough time to be around Lydia Oscar's wife the exact definition of vogue woman And etc So what made me continue? Its because there are things intriguing enough for me like is Oscar really sincere? What's the deal with him and the wife? Is Dom really a lying prick? And as I was looking for this answers I came across the scene when one of Amber's friend Marsha is having her engagement party when Marsha acknowledging her efforts and Milly helping out in the kitchen and then there's Dom making things a little easier for her despite the pressure So when Amber said I love my friends at least that part I sincerely felt And after that I soften up a little that when Amber was conversing with her mom about what happened to them and why they ended up distant to each other I actually cried Also I like the kitchen setting I can honestly feel the tension makes me hungry LolAnyway in my opinion I think the ending is what saved the book Although it ain't perfect like what the hell Milly and Oscar? but its believable Its not the ending we would all like but its a hopeful one Its a leap of faith trusting in a love that we once believed upon Being in a relationship is not easy and it will never be perfect but if we pick up lessons from all the mistakes whether the ones we did or the ones done to us we'll be okay And that's what this book's ending has taught me

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    I can easily say my favourite uote from this book is very near the end of the story Milly is a great girl you know Amber Oscar defended her hurt I know Oscar She is my best friend I love that someone has tried to convince Amber that her best friend is a really nice person Ermyeah she is my best friend Just the justification that Oscar thinks he can even attempt to explain what type of person Milly isThe copy of Breakfast in Bed which I withdrew from the library consisted of 8 discs each one had 26 different tracks on each CD There was 16 chapters in total I have been following and updating my progress with the book on Goodreads and there are only 388 pages in the whole book which for some people is not a very long read at allThe story starts with the introduction of Amber a country girl in her early 30s who lives in London and has split up from her husband She doesn't know anything else than cooking and Dom She finds herself living with her best friend Milly a caring loving free spirited lovely girl Dom Amber's soon to be ex husband has betrayed her in an unforgivable way and she has left their family home and taking refuge with Milly Like any true friend Milly welcomes Amber with open arms and doesn't ask any uestions unless Amber wants to talkAmber appears to be a confident self assured independent character She works as a chef in London and gets a job interview at the newly opened restaurant owned by the notorious Oscar Retford Oscar is as famous for his pigs blood ice cream and brain stew as he is his fiery temper He works in a stressful environment always wants the best and won't stand for anything less Amber soon finds herself drawn to him she knows he could be bad news but could he also be the excitement and change she is ready for and frankly deserves? This is one of many incidents where I realise Amber is scared of being alone and will try to do anything to stop herself being alone but does not want people to realise these are her true feelings She needs someone to boost her up all the timeHowever Dom keeps appearing He keeps turning up at times in Amber's life when sometimes he is needed but sometimes he just needs to stay out of her business Although Amber is trying to move on with her life with Oscar she does make a number of excuses for him Whatever he does it is not his fault that he is angry or frustrated or that people don't understand his drive and his passion Yes I am sure he is a passionate man who cares about his profession and his career but he doesn't have to be rude and cruel to some of Amber's nearest and dearest especially Marsha Amber's school friendThroughout the story I wanted to tell Amber to grow a backbone for herself she went from Dom betraying her to Oscar constantly referring to her as Fish Girl I am sorry but if this is someone who is supposed to love Amber can he please stop calling her Fish Girl I understand people have cute sometimes sickly nicknames for one another but Fish Girl? Surely no one would appreciate a nickname like that that's just cruelUsually based on what Dom did to Amber I would never in a million years want her to get back with him But I just did not want her with Oscar he's abrasive rude and just not right for her Will she see the error of her ways or will I have to continue shouting at the story? Oscar still works with his ex wife and he has a tear away idiotic teenage daughter who just wants her father's attention and love not his money Oscar can't see this and finds himself throwing money at her and starting to lose his relationship with his daughter Amber tries desperately to try and help him repair the damage she has first hand experience based on her own relationship with her parents especially her mumAmber continues to work through her range of emotions and the relationships with a variety of people in her life both family and personal Will she repair any damage which happened years before and amend the relationships which are currently falling apart in front of her? Amber needs to decide what she wants in life who she wants and how she will get there I keep on hoping she will finally realise that she deserves better and her friends and her family are the ones who truly matterOverall I can say I did enjoy this book however it is definitely a holiday read on the beach Not something which you would read if you were wanting to get your teeth stuck into a gripping story For 388 pages it is an easy read and doesn't take too much concentration to keep up with the characters There are a number of parts which made me laugh and there are glimpses where I could see Amber coming into her own standing up for herself and taking some claim to her own decisions and what she wantsRead a range of other reviews I have posted at threeminutesfortyfivesecondsblogspotcouk

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    The story starts by introducing the heroin Amber a chef who just recently has found out about her husband Dom who is having an affair with a woman called Rachel She moved out of the house and a divorce has been filed The story started with her narrating about her flat mate and best friend Milly and her uest on finding a dream job with better pay Her prayers were finally answered when she got a call from a restaurant owned and runned by well known chef Oscar She then were offered the job and after some point were promoted to become the sous chef Not only that she will also will be in a relationship with the chef itself As the story progress however she will discover that she don't have enough love for him and at the end she will be back together with her husband In between there will be characters like her best friend Milly and Marsha Oscar's wife Lydia and daughter Tallulah come and go throughout the storylineFor me the story did not work so well because there were not much explaination on why she split up with Oscar although she feels lack of love and sort of I mean there should be explaining on the feelings of why she came to the understand that it will not work There also another part I felt hanging was Oscar's past and what happen actually In conclusion I felt the author could have explain

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    Nice beachpool read

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    The synopsis of this book is very misleading

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    This book was FANTASTIC A perfect chick lit read romance confusion a load of emotions and a lovely ending huge thumbs up from me Front Cover I personally think that the front cover for 'Breakfast in Bed' is perfect for this story and the fact that it has Amber's adorable scooter perched at the side just makes it even lovable The colours are romantic and girly and I love the artistic flair that has been introduced with the different coloured love hearts floating away from the tree It's perfect The book's about In a nutshell Amber is trying to make it big in the culinary profession Applying for a job in 'Ghusto's' the new upmarket restaurant in the area is a huge step forward When the phone rings and Amber answers it with trepidation she's extremely surprised to find that she has been given the job by leading man Oscar With judges and competitions springing backwards and forwards upon the restaurant like an over worked slinky Amber is starting to feel the pressure especially with her new boss Oscar screaming obscenities and orders out to the staff like there's no tomorrow Gripping on threads to try and prove her worth and talent in this fast paced kitchen Amber's personal life has also just fallen apart at the seams Her soon to be EX husband Dom was caught out when Amber met the woman he was seeing behind her back With the divorce papers dancing in the sunlight begging to be signed by her Amber just can't help but wonder where everything fell out of place between them Oscar Retford is now proving to be rather hard to resist much like the wonderful meals and tastes that he puts onto the plates and send out for the hungry customers As the passion and heat starts to build up in the kitchen so does the spark between them Becoming closer and intimate was not part of Amber's agenda but a powerful male bustling around the kitchen creating food with magical fingers seems just a little bit too tempting So who will it be? Her lovable but dirty dog ex husband Dom? Or the sizzling man of the hour Oscar Retford? Or is Amber about to find out that there is a lot to each man than she first realised The characters were Oscar just completely reminded me of Gordan Ramsey He kinda' walks around the kitchen screaming obscenities at his staff moaning slamming fists down onto the counters that's who was in my head everytime Oscar was on the scene in this book I mean he was mental But I can still see why Amber would find him attractive He's very in control but also laid back at the same time if you know what I mean? There's a number of times when Amber makes a very uick visit to his office and he's there chillin' cigarette in mouth He's also pretty masculine by the sounds of things but rather small too I imagine muscles well built and stocky Erm he's also got an extremely moody side to him his mood swings are worse than a woman's One minute he's flirting and smiling and touching next he's miserable stressed out and un communicative with Amber But moodiness isn't always a bad thing I guess it can actually be uite sexy ; Amber was a great character I loved her She's so determined that she's going to get over her ex Dom I felt uite sorry for her at times especially with the way she found out that he'd been seeing another woman I just wanted to punch him in the face How could he do that to her? She's so lovable and sweet but she also just wants to get on with life and I think that's what's so great about her She stays positive tries her best to keep on moving and it's wonderful She's also a fantastic chef too Did the author pull it off? Mhm She did indeed It was great book definitely be recommending it to my friends

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    I was lucky enough to win this paperback book from a giveaway run by Btweenthesheets on TwitterAmber had separated from her husband Dom and she went for a job interview at a well known chef’s new restaurant after a not so great interview she was surprised to find out that she had got the job She was completely in awe of her new boss Oscar and very keen to impress him He was a stereotypically loud angry and hot headed chef who creates some rather unusual culinary masterpieces – lambs tongues pigs spleens and even blood ice creamAmber is not fully over her ex husband who cheated on her and she finds herself crushing on Oscar with his manly and controlling ways It soon became clear that he felt the same way and so began a relationship that would threaten everything she had worked forThroughout the whole book I got the sense of confusion from Amber she just didn’t know what to do about her feelings for her ex and then her boss So she threw herself into her new job so that she wouldn’t have to think about that side of her life To begin with Dom was not a favourite of mine but as the book progressed I found myself warming to him once he had explained his version of events I looked at it in a different wayThere were a lot of funny moments that had me laughing out loud one of the most memorable for me was the crème brûlée incident it really got me giggling Amber’s romantic mathematics was also a fun part of the story I’ve always been terrible at maths so I couldn’t uite follow her reasoning though The ups and downs of running a restaurant was another enjoyable part working somewhere like that sounds extremely stressful but it was fascinating to read aboutAlthough this book was a little bit predictable at times I was uite surprised by the ending – I feel like there should be a seuel because I would love to know what happens next for a few of the charactersThis is an enjoyable and witty book great to curl up on the sofa with

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    Amber is an ambitious 31 year old about to be divorcee She is trying to start again after her husband Dom cheated on her but she is not moving on at any great speed She narrates the story and pours out her feelings on her failed marriage in flashbacks her new job and new relationshipOnce she was the newly wed and now it is her best friends who are getting married having babies and looking forward to a settled futureOscar is a famous chef embarking on his own venture in the restaurant trade after a split from his business partner He is as you would expect from some celeb chefs rude and demanding and foul mouthed in the kitchenThe cast as includes Dom's new girlfriend Rachel Oscar's ex wife and daughter and a staff of many in the busy kitchenThis novel had a few surprises behind that innocent cover I do love chick lit and expected this to be the usual great chick lit format but this went deeper There are some serious relationship issues between the laughter lines as Amber's best friend Marsha does point out to Amber There are some very funny moments in the story mixed in with some worrying behaviour from Oscar as he and Amber have a fiery relationship This story is not all romance and rosesThe blurb was a little misleading but not a problem I expected Amber's friends to feature in the story much than they did Favourite moment I did love the 'compliment' Amber gave Dom's new girlfriend Rachel when they dined at the restaurant along with the surprise she presented to himI thoroughly enjoyed this story and enjoyed the shock factor I got from the stormy relationships in the novel I willed Amber to see what was happening to her and to make the right decision This chick litromance goes a little deeper It does contain some swearing45 out of 5 for meThank you to LittleBrown for sending me a review copy

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    ISBN? 9780751545494Genre? Chic Lit Romance DramaCharacters? Oscar Retford Amber Price Dom Price Lydia RetfordSetting? London EnglandSeries? NATitle? A joke about the kitchen environment and dating a chefCharacter Analysis? I think I'd guessed by the end of the second chapter that she would end up back with her husband because the alternative Oscar Retford was so wrong for her and it was really obvious The high octane stressful environment of a professional kitchen was a clever way to make the characters seem relatableGeneral Comments? This book really did have the potential to be amazing though it was uite predictable However I did uite enjoy the way Moran got to the end Moran did at times seem out of her depthRecommend? Not really could have been better

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