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    Nous devons nous y habituer aux plus importantes croisées des chemins de notre vie il n'y a pas de signalisation Ernest HEMINGWAY Well this was unexpectedly goodI loved the storythe charactersthe endingI've read this book in less than 3 hoursI love the fact that the story is captivating and breathtakingyou just need to find out what happened and what is the truthbut also the fact that the chemistry between our characters is wonderful this book is a real page turnerI loved Nicole MarkEvie Alyson view spoilerand for a moment I was so scared that Alyson diedPhewww hide spoiler

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    This was my fav book for a long time It`s still in my top five And not just because of the style it is written in but the way emotions are conveyed in a subtle yet strong manner I especially loved Connor because he understands human nature He understands a person`s mind how someone`s heart and psyche works and Guillaume gave us some of the best lines in the book through Connor The plot is simply incredible I read the book in six hours and then I read it again and again And I would read it a million times because everytime I do I feel like I`m entering a secret forbidden world made up of raw emotions powerful bursts of energy and love and eually harrowing pain I was initially put off before I started reading because I thought it was a chick lit but it proved to be so much I strongly recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a good story with a meaning and a terrific ending regardless of your genre preference

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    I read this book in less than an hour couldn't stop and couldn't stop crying for the last 20 pages and 10 minutes after I finished the book Amazing written awesome story beautiful images and really don't tell your friends the ending It'd be the worst crime ever AMAZING

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    I couldn't leave it couldn't even sleep a lot of common things between the characters made me think of thingsconnecting things togetherlot of uestion marks I tried to figure it out but i failed the endit never crossed my mind It felt like I'm watching NCIS i love these kind of stories filled with mystery

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    I read this book three years ago and I read it again yesterday in 5 hours It is very interesting

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    for the record it's 35 starsIt was interesting but a bit unrealistic Doesn't make you feel obligated to read in one breath but also doesn't leave you bored A fine read if you want my opinion

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    BAM What a surprise ending Im still shocked with it Mabye that's becouse I finished this 320 pages book in less than 12 houres Thank god its a happy ending Long time since iv read something that exciting I would love to see this book as a film and im sure it will be amazing I love every characters in this book Its a fictional book so everything could happen I loved every beginning uote in every chapter Like what the writer said in the beginning of this book dont tell your friends how this book end Save tha surprise for themselves Iv read this book translated to arabic and it's very good I think im goning to read every book by gulliaume musso

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    An amazing bookIt's one of those books which makes you shed a tear with a little smile growing on your face while reading the last word of it

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    Not my cup of tea

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  • 414 pages
  • Parce ue je t'aime
  • Guillaume Musso
  • French
  • 10 July 2014
  • 9782845633360

About the Author: Guillaume Musso

One of the most popular authors in France today From his early childhood with reading books and plays Guillaume Musso became convinced that one day he too would write novels After finishing high school in France Guillaume Musso left for the United States at the age of 19 He spent several months in New York City living with other young foreigners and earning his money by selling ice cream H