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Cinder Humans and androids crowd the raucous streets of New Beijing A deadly plague ravages the population From space a ruthless Lunar people watch waiting to make their move No one knows that Earth’s fate hinges on one girl Cinder a gifted mechanic is a cyborg She’s a second class citizen with a mysterious past reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister’s illness But when her life becomes intertwined with the handsome Prince Kai’s she suddenly finds herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle and a forbidden attraction Caught between duty and freedom loyalty and betrayal she must uncover secrets about her past in order to protect her world’s future As seen on The ReadventurerLet me first give credit where credit is due A cyborg Cinderella? Wow It's a bold premise I applaud Marissa Meyer for thinking this up In this re envisioning of the fairy tale Lihn Cinder is a cyborg meaning she is almost half mechanical she has prosthetic hands and a foot a big chunk of her internal organs are wired into her body Cinder is a mechanic in New Beijing the capital of the Eastern Commonwealth a country ravaged by plague outbreaks One day the heir to the throne of the Commonwealth Prince Kai steps into Cinder's shop to get his android fixed and everything changes for Cinder She falls in love she becomes a center of multiple intrigues she discovers her own well hidden even from her secrets As much as I appreciate an author willing to think outside the box I am afraid in this case Marissa Meyer bit off than she could chew The world of Cinder is very imaginative and full of potential New Beijing royalty plague cyborg falling in love a war with the Lunar Moon Empire I mean just think about the possibilities here Too bad these possibilities are never explored to their best advantage Let's take Cinder for example She is almost half robot there is stuff wired into her brain and body Is she a human? Does she have artificial intelligence? Does she think of herself as human? How can she love? Are her emotions real or programmed? None of this is explained with any kind of depth I compare this book to The Adoration of Jenna Fox and Cinder fails miserablyHow about the setting? New Beijing Futuristic China Is there any Chinese flavor in this story? Any infusion of Eastern cultures customs? Not reallyOk maybe there is something to this Lunar business then? Who or what are these Lunar people? How did they get there? How do they live on the Moon? Why exactly are they at war with Earth? I still have no clueMy general impression after finishing Cinder is that every good idea in this story is developed very superficially It's like Cinder is Ship Breaker's ugly cousin What Paolo Bacigalupi managed to do in his fairly short book with great depth the world ruined by environmental changes genetically altered human beings poverty is all done here but in the most shallow way as if the author was determined to keep the plot moving at a break neck pace afraid that any paragraph spent on layering the world or characters' personalities would bore readersThere is still some entertainments value in Cinder and I did get all the way through it to find out how the story would unfold BTW you can predict the novel's outcome at about page 50 and it all ends with a cliffhanger But the novel fails miserably at being thought provoking challenging or truly engaging even though the ideas are all there Suandered potential “I'm sure I'll feel much grateful when I find a guy who thinks complex wiring in a girl is a turn on” In this my third attempt to read Cinder I finally made it to the end But I find myself wishing I hadn't bothered Going into this book I thought it was fair to expect a light probably unremarkable but ultimately entertaining read I did not come to this book wanting my mind to be blown with science or to be taken to another world by beautiful prose but I also did not expect it to be so painfully boring Which it wasCinder takes a bold and fascinating premise sketches out a basic outline of it and then never fleshes it out with any substanceLet's look at the wonders we have here A part cyborg protagonist a loose Cinderella retelling in a futurealternate universe a setting in New Beijing and a potential war with a kingdom of Lunar people a race who live on the moon This sounds like a recipe for a fantastic science fiction novel and yet we get very little info beyond what I've provided hereWho are these Lunar people? What about their history? How did they come to be on the moon? How disappointing it was that we never found out ANYTHING about them beyond the fact that they have an evil ruler ueen LevanaAnd this setting in a futurealternate world In New Beijing even Do we ever get an exciting look into its culture? Any beautiful or ugly visuals? Any insight into its history customs anything? NopeAnd even if I forgive that if I say that maybe all that goodness is being saved for later series installments I simply cannot forgive the lack of personality in our principle characters Cinder and Prince Kai are empty self sacrificing heroes with little to no hopes fears desires and thoughts of their own Adri is the classic evil stepmother Iko was the not so funny sidekickI'm also not sure I understand why part cyborg people are considered second class citizens when they're basically regular humans who've had parts added to save them But let's imagine I suspend that disbelief for a second why did Meyer waste this perfect opportunity for Cinder to consider what it means to be human? For example how much of a person can be replaced before they stop being a person and start being a machine? Are there really any differences between humans and machines beyond the materials they're made from? So many fascinating uestions not being askedThough really I could have forgiven many things if only the plot had been compelling the conflicts engaging and the characters vaguely interesting I honestly had to force myself throughBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr | Youtube wow wow WOWI went into this book not expecting to like it I'm not sure why but this book completely surprised me 45This was amazing Why didn't anyone tell me to read it sooner? Just kidding The world and characters are so great I can't wait to continue on in the series I guess I'm on a year end uest to be the last person to read popular series Last week Hunger Games This week CinderOr not I hated it No binging this series sorry dear friends You may think it's harsh that I give this book one star when there was nothing offensive about it but considering the hype I expected far far than that we were givenBefore reading the book I knew why it came highly recommended to me; in theory this book should have been awesome An Asian protagonist Everyone knows Khanh loves Asian shit an alternate universe plenty of opportunities to spin a beautifully woven Asian setting A fairy tale retelling Khanh loves retold shitYet for years I resisted the many many KHANH YOU GOTTA READ CINDER because of one reason The main character is an cyborg I don't like cyborgs I don't like androids Not the Google based operating system the concept of part human part machine No thank you I like my main characters purely organic and carbon basedLet's get one thing straight I have nothing against technology it's just the concept of a human meshed with a robot that bothers me I don't think such a being can have the same emotions the same characteristics the same failings that makes human so well human Here is where the book could have changed my mind; Cinder could have been made to be than a inhuman robot what she is in my mind What's ironic to me is that Cinder is too human I know she is part machine but it never felt like that part of her was explored as much as her humanity is sold to usFurther the KHANH LOVES ASIAN SHIT part of me was so not sold on this Yes it's cute that the MC is Asian Yes it's cool that the new world is New Beijing Those are just names this is not an Asian based book You know how you go to one of those super chic Asian fusion restaurants and you order a fusion dish that costs 100 on a beautiful plate and the only thing that's Asian about it is the one drop of lemongrass essence that they add to the sauce? This book is like thatThere is no explanation about New Beijing's culture There is no explanation as to why it became that way It was a world that was entirely unexplored and unworthy of the hype and of the Asian label slapped onto it Sorry guys this series is not for me “Vanity is a factor but it is a uestion of control It is easier to trick others into perceiving you as beautiful if you can convince yourself you are beautiful But mirrors have an uncanny way of telling the truth”After finishing “Cinder” I was kind of curious what other reviewers wrote about it and I was pretty surprised when I found out that a lot of my friends gave it only two or three stars As it seems the main reason for those low ratings were 1 It’s just not my jam or 2 I read too many retellings Sometimes even a combination of both XDWell I guess it’s kind of good then that I wasn’t all too big on retellings over the last few years because I definitely enjoyed this I don’t know if I would have liked it less if I would have read retellings but as some sort of “newbie” to the scene I actually ended up loving it to bits and piecesThis was just amazing 3 I mean a cyborg Cinderella who’s a mechanic and lives in a futuristic world? Sign me f up I loved the entire New Beijing vibe and I was so down for all those “Star Wars” moments XD And just in case you wondered I’ve been a Warsie AND a Trekkie since my early childhood days lol Being a fan of both is impossible? Hah I’m your living and breathing proof it’s not ; P Anyway I relished the breath of fresh air this retelling gave me and after reading all those “normal” fairy tales with my kid this was balm for my soul lolFinally something different Finally a break from “Cinderella” who lost her glass slipper on the stairs This so wasn’t your ordinary fairy tale and Cinder certainly wasn’t your ordinary heroine either Before I go into detail I’ll head into my characters section though Wouldn’t want you to get spoiled right? Is it even spoiling if we all know about Cinderella’s story? lol The Characters Fair Warning This is a spoiler well If you lean forward you might tumble into the rabbit hole I urge you to exercise caution Proceed at your own risk ; P Cinder “I'm sure I'll feel much grateful when I find a guy who thinks complex wiring in a girl is a turn on”Haha I loved Cinder She was such a cool character and totally down to earth Funnily enough she didn’t seem to enjoy beautiful dresses the real Cinderella would have been shocked and rather preferred to stay in her room working on androids instead of going out Which in all honesty made her a very relatable character XD I liked that she was so strong willed and had her own opinion about everything but I also felt very sorry for her Aside from Prince Kai and Dr Erland Peony was probably the only person who ever showed her some kindness and to lose her must have been a than just hard blow Especially because Peony was just lovely and kind I don’t know how it came to be that Peony was the only one who accepted Cinder the way she was but I was really glad that she had at least one sister that cared XD Still no matter how sad her death made me I think Cinder would have never dared to be so bold if she would have been around to see it so I guess there’s at least one positive thing that came out of it Poor Cinder though TT A flash of hurt crossed his face “What? I can’t buy you a gift?” he asked in a tone that nearly stopped the electric pulses of her wiring“No Not after I’ve ignored six of your comms in the last week Are you dense?”“So you did get them”Prince Kai Kai stepped closer to Torin ignoring a group of lab technicians that were forced to swarm around them I have a plan My plan is to not marry her Diplomacy be damned There End of discussion”WHAT A HOTTIE swoons I adored him right from the moment he appeared in the book GAH Prince Kai was just awesome I loved that he didn’t back down and fought ueen Levana with every breath he took There was so much at stake for him but he stayed true to himself and this even though Levana and the other countries certainly didn’t make it easy for him So much pressure Poor boy Plus can we acknowledge how caring he was even though his own life turned upside down I mean he lost his father to the plague and yet he still managed to keep Levana at bay served his country tried to persuade Cinder and wanted to find a cure XD Not to mention his adorable humour and enticing defiance lol The perfect prince for sure ; ”I will –“ He paused again straightened and focused his eyes on some distant invisible point “I will do whatever needs to be done to ensure the well being of my country I will do whatever needs to be done to keep you all safe That is my promise”Iko Iko rolled to her side clasping her metal grippers over her chest “Prince Kai Check my fan I think I’m overheating”IKO 333 She was one of the best sidekicks ever and she definitely asked the right uestions LOL The idea of an android with feelings might have been nothing new but the way it was executed in here was perfect XD When you read about Iko you involuntarily see her as a normal person well until some body parts of her are mentioned and you’re reminded that she’s actually a machine with a soul ; I can’t believe Adri destroyed her and my poor heart bled when Cinder found her in her room I really hope Cinder will find a new body for her and that this time around it will be a human looking one Iko deserves it and she’d be so happy if she’d have curves to wear all those pretty dresses lol Cinder flinched “Can we please not talk about the prince?”“I don’t think that will be possible You’re working on his android after all Just think about the things she knows the things she’s seen and –“ Iko’s voice sputtered “Do you think she’s seen him in the nude?”ueen Levana ”I want her found and brought to me”“Right” said Kai “that’ll be no problem in a city of two and a half million people Let me just go dig out my special Lunar detector and I’ll get right on that”Levana tilted her head back so she could peer down her nose at Kai even though he was taller than she was “You do not wish to try my patience with your sarcasm young prince”ueen Levana is no fun Seriously that woman has a stick up her ass The way she treated Kai and all her machinations I really despised her for it How can anyone be so cruel and heartless? I mean that moment with the mirror on her plate? ARGH If I’d have been Prince Kai I’d have flipped her the bird multiple times lol I guess in his own way he actually kind of did it Haha Considering how Cinder reacted to her once she saw through her glamour she must be as ugly on the outside as she’s on the inside and I really hope she won’t get Kai Adri ”I think it a fair solution After all you bought it with my money therefore it is mine to do with as I please In some cultures they would cut off your hand Cinder Consider yourself fortunate“But it’s my foot”“And you will have to do without it until you can find a cheaper replacement” She glowered at Cinder’s feet Her lip curled with disgust “You are not human Cinder It’s about time you realized that”There were moments when I wasn’t sure which one of them is worse Adri or ueen Levana? And honestly sometimes I was even inclined to give Adri first place For some of the things she did she would have deserved to stand on the pedestal shakes head I really don’t know what’s eating her but after reading “Glitches” I’m fairly certain that it had nothing to do with Cinder As it seems she was always that hostile and I have no idea why Garan married her That woman is just horrible and I hope she never meets ueen Levana I don’t even want to think about what would happen if those two would join forces shuddersThe relationships shipsCinder Prince Kai ”I shouldn’t be telling you all this anyway It isn’t your problem to worry about It’s just you’re easy to talk to”She shuffled her feet “It is kind of my problem I mean we all have to live here“You could move to Europe”“You know I’ve actually been considering that lately”Kai laughed again the warmth returning to the sound “If that’s not a vote of confidence I don’t know what is”I’m totally on board of this ship Those two were soo cute together and I loved their easy banter 3 Poor Prince Kai though I have no idea how Cinder managed not to give into his advances I mean there’s this amazing Prince who is determined to take her to the ball with him and she crushes his hopes again and again WTH?? You might be a cyborg Cinder but I don’t think Prince Kai would have loved you any less if you would have told him the truth about yourself I think if anything he might have loved you even If she would have just told him on her own terms The way it was revealed was just too much for Kai and I can understand him really His words at the end of the book killed me but I get why he was so disappointed There were plenty of opportunities to come clean with him but Cinder never told him Also I think that his last words were meant in the sense of it hurts him to look at her than at Levana because he felt betrayed by her and at least Levana put her cards on the table I’m really worried about him now because who knows what he might agree to now that Cinder is out of the picture He’s strong willed but the longer he stays in ueen Levana’s presence the harder it will get to resist her and I just don’t want him to give up on himself ARGH I’m so afraid of what will happen to him in those next few books ”It’s gone now” she said “I’m fine”“You’re not fine” said Kai “What causes it? What can we do to make it stop?” Kai peeled his eyes away finding some place of resignation off in the glistening garden “You’re even painful to look at than she is”Cinder’s heart shrivelled inside her until she was sure it would stop beating altogetherueen Levana Prince Kai She was still battling Kai across the table her eyes cold and calculating and he unable to look away “I have learned something valuable about you tonight young prince I hope you have learned something about me as well”“That you prefer to rule through fear rather than justice? So sorry Your Majesty I’m afraid I already knew that about you”“No indeed I hope you noticed that I am capable of choosing my battles” Her lips curved her beauty returning full force “If that’s what it takes to win the war”Those two were like cat and mouse Unfortunately Kai was the mouse in this scenario and even though he held his own I’m afraid that ueen Levana might be able to persuade him to marry her It’s not just her glamour but also the cure she offers He always said that he only wants what’s best for his people and if it saves them he might even consider making a deal with the devil Plus now that Dr Erland vanished with Cinder he has no one that would continue his research for an antidote To him it might look like there’s only one option left and I DON’T WANT HIM TO CHOOSE THAT FREAKIN OPTION GOSH DARN IT diesConclusionI LOVED this “Cinder” read like a uniue mixture of “Cinderella” featuring “Star Wars” and even though I didn’t know it when I started to read the book this was exactly what I needed XD Give me of this and I might overcome my growing aversion to ordinary fairy tales lol Maybe one day my kid will read those books too ; This said I can’t wait to continue with “Scarlet” Happy reading and enjoyOkay so here’s the thing At the moment my daughter is crazy about fairy tales and every night I have to read a story to her Since I’ve been doing this the last few months I’m pretty sure that I know them all by heart by now lol The things we do for our children XDWhich is the main reason why I crave for a really really untypical fairy tale and Cinder seems to be the right choice I mean a cyborg Cinderella who’s a gifted mechanic? Sounds perfect Give me this modern fairy tale because I can’t read the typical Cinderella any Hopefully the old tales will get a new appeal after I’m done with this ; P mild spoilers Cyborgs sueeaaaalAndroids sueeaaaalNew Beijing sueeaaaalCinderella sue—uhm I’m of a Beauty and the Beast girl But not bad Cinder was one helluva ride for me Saying that it was a special one is an understatement Why I call it special? Because of the ups and downs it had If you read my Kindle notes for this review you’d thing I’m suffering of DID Dissociative Identity Disorder What do you think doctor House? Am I sick? Can it be treated?? Yes??? This book looked so much better in my head I replaced this With this I’m sure Cinder would prefer to be the uncool versionDude you’re a freakin’ cyborg I wouldn’t hide this from the world I’d enhance it Probably add some cool gadgets and make everyone drool over me Imagine the possibilities since you’re a badass mechanic Imagine what you could createAnd Mrs Meyer please boost your universe There are so many things you missed in this new world you have created I want to know about their infrastructure about what type of transportation they have what clothes toys gadgets what food even There are so many possibilities out thereThe book’s weakest element was Kai His POV made me almost fall asleep He’s weak not charming and not funny and he bores me to tears I wish Cinder transforms him into a brainless zombie in the coming bookBut in the end I have to say that I didn’t mind this book at all It was a very interesting one kept me entertained and didn’t piss me off Much Stuck at home? Got some time on your hands? Want to start a long series? But you don't want a dud?Check out this booktube video all about which series are worth your time and which ones aren't Check Out the Written Review 35 starsA Cinderella story through and through or is it? “Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time” Everyone knows this story At this point I have read so many versions that I have a tough time going through yet another one Yet the further I read the I was delighted This book was unexpectedly sweet endearing and enjoyableMy younger sibling had this book on a shelf for the longest time and finally at the nudging of one of my friends I picked it up I'm glad I didCinder is a cyborg mechanic living in New Beijing who along with her best friend a robot named Iko and sister a fully human gal named Pearl fall in love with Prince Kai But life isn't all cleaning and singing there's a ravaging plague and crippling poverty The plague can strike anyone at any time Aside Does no one know basic disease prevention? The plague is detected in a public area everyone ALWAYS scatters Gee I wonder why this hasn't been containedCyborgs like Cinder our heroine are recruited at a rate of one per day to be sacrificed for plague research Their families are given a hefty sum for their 'sacrifice' Since cyborgs aren't considered true citizens they can be turned in at any time When Cinder's stepmother was pushed just a little bit too far she decides to turn Cinder in From there she's interviewed by the doctor and set up to be sacrificed “I don't know I don't actually remember anything from before the surgeryHis eyebrows rose his blue eyes sucking in all the light of the room The cybernetic opetation?No the sex changeThe doctor's smile falteredI'm joking” Despite the humor the treatment of the cyborgs by humans really threw me off There's longstanding prejudices that cyborgs are living on borrowed time and thus owe their lives to society if need be ie cyborg draft Now I could see the logic against cyborgs if all of them had wiring in their brains thus rendering them incapable of independent thought or something of the likeOne could conceivably claim that their brains are ruined or some other nonsense But the book treated all cyborgs the same ie Some poor guy lost his foot and got a replacement? Disgusting creature Sacrifice himOther than that this was an entertaining retelling of Cinderella I liked how the relationship with Prince Kai is of a crush than an end all be all sort of love It was sweet but not overwhelmingly so Kai cleared his throat Stood straighter I assume you are going to the ball?I I don't know I mean no No I'm sorry I'm not going to the ballKai drew back confused Oh well but maybe you would change your mind? Because I am you knowThe princeNot bragging he said uickly Just a fact” I've heard from others that the remaining books still follow the characters from the first I'm hoping for a slow build sort of thing There was one thing that just completely blew me out of the water Our main character was burned in a fire thus reuiring cyborg surgery at a very young age She lost 30% of her body and needed to live in a suspended animation tank for monthsAnd what do we name her? Cinder Just let that sink in Audiobook CommentsRead by Rebecca Soler and she absolutely rocked it I loved listening to her tonecharacterizations especially Iko That was literally the cutest little robot voice I ever did hearIf you are curious about Rebecca Soler check Tucker the Reader's interviewBlog | Instagram | Twitter sueeeeeeeeeeeSooooo this book is basically my life nowI am absolutely kicking myself for not starting this series earlierThis is actually my first Marissa Meyer book as well and I am completely blown away by her imagination We stanThe cyberpunk feel was exactly what I needed to fully immerse myself within this worldOur protagonist Cinder is a mechanic in the city of New Beijing She's also a cyborg a fact she's kept hidden from the world; the exception being her adoptive familyShe doesn't recall any of her life prior to the operation that resulted in her cyborg status but has never uestioned it much eitherAfter all what is the point of trying to remember? The past is the pastWhen a highly contagious plague sweeps over the city her beloved stepsister Peony becomes infected Peony was visiting a market with Cinder just prior to coming down with the illness so of course Cinder's wicked Stepmother blames her for Peony's infection In the most heinous of acts one she considers a righteous punishment the wicked Stepmother donates Cinder to be used for scientific research finding a cure for the disease Apparently in this world cyborgs are considered no than property Add in the fact that people have not been surviving the research process and it is clear her Stepmother never wants to see Cinder again She's basically handed her a death sentenceCinder feels alone and betrayed but in a way she blames herself for Peony's sickness Once experimentation begins however it is revealed that view spoilerCinder is immune Something in her body's chemistry destroys the plague immediately hide spoiler

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