The Submissive Bride Epub ☆ The Submissive eBook

  • Kindle Edition
  • 106 pages
  • The Submissive Bride
  • Carolyn Faulkner
  • English
  • 08 May 2014

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The Submissive BrideThis book was a delightful surprise to me Seems like nowadays bdsm books have some kind of reuirement list to meet Sexy people sexy clubs sexy everything While it was new it was great But every corner now there's a BDSM book just like the last one I read beforeThe Submissive Bride was none of that I loved Age play isn't my thing but I'm dirty enough that I like to read about it grinCarolyn Faulkner did a prime job of creating a world that didn't sound fake to me and it was nothing punish me i'm a bad girl in a porn y like wayI'm givng it 4 stars mainly because I wish it was longer And that last line in the book was the icing on a already perfect cake King Marston is a man with a past a gun slinger and a gambler Typically when he rode into a town he rode out scant days later richer but no longer welcome Then his luck changed and the sheriff of Hell's Pass the aptly named hellhole he'd ridden into saw the benefits of having someone with King's skills on the right side of the law He made King an offer he couldn't refuse be my deputy when I need a good gun at my back I'll pay you well and you can settle down At first blush King was not the settlin' down sort But the he thought about it the he decided he liked the idea There was just one thing missing a bride He wasn't going to find one through the regular channels though King Marston had some very special tastes when it came to women and he found just what he was looking for at the Mercy Orphanage just on the outskirts of town Aubrielle Cecille Hardy was eighteen and had done her best to avoid being noticed Technically too old to still be living at the orphanage she'd stayed on as a bit of a hired hand She knew perfectly well that most of the girls left when they were much younger than eighteen and Aubrielle knew exactly where the Orphanage Mistress was sending them but so far she'd been able to avoid that fate Then one day the largest man she'd ever seen rode in and two hours later she rode out with him to a life unlike any she'd ever anticipated King wants a woman that will be his down to the bone one he can train and curb and test one he can do exactly as he pleases with Aubrielle fits that bill perfectly Suddenly Aubrielle finds herself in a childish dress with a horribly sore bottom and a nanny Could she run away Where would she go Or does she stay and fall under King's spell and come to love the life he's introduced to the life of a forever young child brideCarolyn Faulkner's Victorian age play fantasy The Little Miss is the single most popular book ever published by Blushing Books Carolyn returns us to that world this time in the American West instead of England The Submissive Bride is a completely new story and while Edmund and his litte miss Lacy make a brief appearance this is King's and Aubrielle's story This age play fantasy is a severe story containing scenes of strict non consensual discipline anal erotica including enemas and some FF elements as Aubrielle is trained not only by King but by strict Nanny Emily If such themes disturb you do not buy The Submissive Bride But if you've been waiting a long time to return to the world of The Little Miss don't miss The Submissive Bride TerribleI did not like this age play story because it was downright sadistic cruel and mean There was no love for the little The master was just mean spirited and cruel and would have caused the girl to totally give up her life had it been Sick cruelty Having read some of this author's other books I would say she should have thrown this one out instead of publishing I LOVE historical fiction but this is just silly Hmmm not my thing at all I wouldn't call this romance or erotica RomanceThere was pretty much no relationship between King and Bri he just did what he did We didn't get Bri's side of the story much at all EroticaHmmmm I don't think so didn't do it for me at all but I guess if you are into this then maybe it does There wasn't really that much sex it was very focused on the severe spankings and they were not erotic diapering enemas high chair feedings and the whole adult little girl thingI've given it 3 starts because it was well written within the context of what it is it was believableFor a shortish story it was well pacedWhat I didn't likeWell the subject matter It wasn't erotic or romantic at allThe time lapses were never uite written well and jolted my out of the story when they occurredThe unrealistic I mean really how dare I use that in the context of this subject matter lol anyway the unrealistic references to multiple orgasms King watched as Emily mercilessly coaxed ten or twelve orgasms in a row from Brielle’s reluctant body snortsI definately would not read another book with this subject matter so a lesson learned there I will however try another of this authors books to see what it's like This was a short uick story about age play that I didn't like it so much Aubrielle Cecille Hardy was eighteen and had done her best to avoid being noticed King Marston knows that he needs to settle down and he wants a woman that he can do whatever he wants to Although this book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling I felt that it was too short and the book wasn't what I expected Although when I originally read it I was not a huge fan of the book that preceded this one The Little Miss Books 1 4 this was a real winner In fact I think I need to go back now that I've gone so much further in my kinkiness and re read the original start I think this one was such a hit because I liked Brie the main female character However I liked Sir as well as his hired governess too Lots of hot CP and ageplay elements here including enemas bottles diapers etc There is some sex in this one and one scene is particularly inventive and clever Smokin I almost didn't shelf this I hated it that much Age play is VERY difficult to write and so far the only book I've read that has done this successfully at least for my tastes was being their baby This one had too many genres mixed for it to really work plus I didn't feel the heroine EVER enjoyed the attentions of the hero I use this term loosely or the nanny Carolyn Faulkner is my favorite author to read when Im in the mood for domestic discipline in romance but here it just didn't work This is an awsome age play victorian novel that actually is a followup to CF's Little Miss Story The young lady in this story is essentially bought from an orphanage by a rancher who wants a little girl wife He hires a governess to help take care of her when he is away and both treat her just like a little girl There are definitly some harsh punishments in this story as well as diapering This doesn't have your typical HEA ending but is a very good read As the blurb tells you the book is about 'age play' I usually think of my comfort zone as pretty generous but this book falls well outside of it which makes it completely my fault for picking it up Like the other Faulkner books I've read this is a totally non con never con story and uite inventive in what it subjects the heroine to I didn't find it as disturbing as some of her other books gleefully over the top

About the Author: Carolyn Faulkner

Carolyn was one of you as a kid with the intriguing seeds planted in her head of the shivering thrill thoughts that came with words like spanking or discipline As with you those kinds of words and thoughts connected the heated blush of her cheeks with feelings elsewhere which got and interesting the older she gotI bet you know just what I'm talking aboutLike some she started writ