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Dungeons Dragons Dark Sun Vol 1 Ianto's Tomb The post apocalyptic Dungeons Dragons setting's first ever comic Beneath a crimson sun lie wastelands of majestic desolation and cities of cruel splendor where life hangs by a thread Welcome to Athas When an imprisoned gladiator named Grudvik escapes the city of Tyr a part time slave hunter and full time dune trader is hired to bring back the fugitive But after crossing swords the pair must join forces to survive the harsh desert

About the Author: Alexander C. Irvine

Alex Irvine He first gained attention with his novel A Scattering of Jades and the stories that would form the collection Unintended Conseuences He has also published the Grail uest novel One King One Soldier and the World War II era historical fantasy The NarrowsIn addition to his original works Irvine has published Have Robot Will Travel a novel set in Isaac Asimov's positronic robot milieu; and Batman Inferno about the DC Comics superheroHis academic background includes an MA in English from the University of Maine and a PhD from the University of Denver He is an assistant professor of English at the University of Maine He also worked for a time as a reporter at the Portland Phoenix

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    A comisc book adaptation of the DD world Dark sun It was uiet a good story that both had a decent adventure story that was about a treasure that could help reverse the destruction of the world and the book also showed the world in a good way I enjoyed it

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    Lots of kickass fighting and action Unfortunately the story and writing isn’t that great The first part is just sort of clunky and hard to get through but it does get better after about the halfway point The characters aren’t very good and the Bard is kind of a waste of an interesting character This book has tons of potential in the world of Athas but doesn’t uite deliver

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    This doesn't uite manage to distinguish itself The storyline is pretty average I found the art to be good on a panel by panel basis but somewhere in the writing or art the story became incredibly hard to follow the dialog is often disjointed and the events from panel to panel are often confusing So there's some promise here but nothing to particularly recommend it

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    Much better than I expected Perfectly enjoyable little adventure

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    I got an eGalley of this book through NetGalleydotcom This book was an interesting concept Basically it starts with a graphic novel set in the Dark Sun world then after the graphic novel there is infomation monster stats maps on running the story as a campaign for a group of Dungeon and Dragons DnD charactersThe story features an ex gladiator and a bard who meet in the desert They are trying to get into a city but run into uite a bit of trouble along the way The ARC I got only included the first 40 pages or first part of the graphic novel story Following that was stat info on the monsters the characters ran into during the graphic novel story Also included was information on the campaign setting maps scenarios ect All of the things you would need to run your own group of DnD characters through this graphic novel storyFirst let's discuss the uality of the graphic novel The illustration is so so; very cartoony with sound bubbles blam whack it wasn't bad but it wasn't exceptional either The story was much interesting; this is obviously set on an interesting desert world where there are a lot of conflicting interests slavery exists as does gladiator fighting as well as a mysterious symbols and tombs The dialogue between characters was well done and engaging Some of the battle scenes were a bit confusing it was hard to figure out exactly what was going on with the characters So overall the graphic novel portion was okay not exceptional but generally well doneThe second portion was all of the campaign setting info This info seemed very complete All the enemy creatures actions and stats are there Scenarios are played out and possible paths addressed There are maps of the regions and ships etc The group of DnD characters that would play this campaign follows in a general story similar but not identicle to the one played out in the graphic novelThis is a neat idea and the campaign provided is a nice campaign for shortish DnD excursion Nice for a DnD group that wants a smaller campaign to run through The campaign does seem to follow the graphic novel story pretty closely though As a DnD player I would think this would take a bit of fun out of the campaign If you read through the graphic novel then the element of surprise during the campaign is eliminated; which is part of the funI did not get a chance to play through this campaign with my DnD group Since all of us have small kids we only get 5 6 hours per month of play time and are dedicted to a many years long campaign right now So I probably won't get a chance to play through it with them in the near future From my read through the campaign looks pretty well set up although I will be curious to read reviews from people who actually give it a full play throughOverall this is a nifty idea The graphic novel portion is okay; the illustration is not the best but it does provide an engaging story and a good introduction to the world The campaign information that follows the graphic novel seems complete and is a cool idea It should provide a nice short contained campaign for those who like that; it could also be tied in with a larger DnD campaign The only downside I can see is that if you read the graphic novel first the element of surprise is gone from the campaign So if you want a small contained campaign in an interesting setting and enjoy fantasy graphic novels I would check this out

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    This is a comic about a gladiator and a girl and a desert and a key and a secret society and preservation If that sounds a little confusing well it is The basic events of the plot are not hard to follow but the whys for most of the second half are kind of confusing Basically about the first third or so is really clear and does some nice fleshing out of characters But then the two people trying to get back to the city do and then things get unclearHaving read the whole thing one of the earlier scenes doesn't really make a lot of sense in terms of the later ones And there's this secret society which plays a big role but they don't actually bother to explain or less anything about it And the author also has a habit of using words without explaining what they mean or giving us sufficient context to figure it outI thought the art was good although there were a few actions scenes where I had trouble understanding what was going on the majority were clear On the whole I thought this was okay but could definitely have been much better with a little refinement to the story telling process

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    I have to admit that I was not expecting much from this In fact i thought it was going to be pretty bad I was wrong It was well written and the art was fantastic This was an all around decent book I think of the strengths was that it was formatted as a mini series and not an ongoing While it is certainly open for a seuel the necessity of ending the story enabled the writer to craft a tighter narrative and focus on some nice character development and progression The best part is that it works even if the reader is not a fan or player of Dungeons Dragons I've only played Dark Sun a couple times but it was a nice campaign setting and in many ways this is a nice tribute; but even if you do not have a working knowledge of the world of Athas this is still a tight enjoyable read

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    Bought this as an inspiration for an eventual Dark Sun campaign but this book hardly has any plot so it's a little light on the inspiration partIt did however get a lot of the look and feel of Dark Sun wrong The hairy Mul and the bearded dwarf amongst other I also disliked that it tried to showcase the 4th edition version of DnD so much going so far as to put a thiefling character but foregoing most Dark Sun races like Half Giants and thri kreens Overall the lack of any kind of attention to details the lack of a cohesive plot for most of the book and oh no a random encounter story structure would suggest a very hard pass on this one

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    Got this as part of a humble bundle collection I used to love Dark Sun as a setting for DD And I thought the classic Forgotten Realms comics were a hootBut this really didn't work for me either as a comic or as a tie in The characters were too thin as if we were supposed to like them just because they were the main characters; the obstacles were too easily brushed aside and the pacing is very much just a string of random encounters And the drawing didn't really help clarify things As tie in I'm amused when people in the world talk like they read the rule books but that never rose to actual enjoyment

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    I have had a soft spot for Dark Sun ever since it came out it probably helps that I was ten at the time This book captured the feel of the setting rather well for me even if it was a little light on some of the story details In many ways it was just an adventure story and if you didn't know much about Dark Sun beforehand you wouldn't know it afterwards A lot of it probably wouldn't make a lot of sense either If you do though is a fun romp though like all of the newer IDW books they are uick reads with big splashy action panels Still fun and at least it costs less in a trade

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