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I'm Being Stalked by a Moonshadow This book is about a boy Seth Parrot and his family who live in Australia Seth's father has already gotten into a feud with the environmental health officer Mr Raven with only living there for a couple of days Little do they know that their children are in love But with both father's hating each other they can't express how they feel I really enjoyed this book because it showed you what it was like to live in Australia and it was somewhat relatable I would read this book if you're a boy who wants to know how to get a girl or if you just like weird books in general because this book is definitely a weird one a good weird What a sweet funny endearing captivating story I traded for this book because I liked the title having just renewed my interest in old Cat Stevens' songs I had no idea what this book was about except that it seemed to be written for readers under the age of 18 I found myself laughing so often and each time I did I loved the characters even I liked how Seth got along with his parents how his relationship with his brother was realistic how the old hippie mindset played into the story the walls of the house peeing on the lemon tree the songs the frankness of sexuality and how different Seth's views on attractive girls were compared to the usual Young Adult book It is reminiscent of chick lit but from a boy's point of viewI kept being reminded of the scene in the movie Donnie Darko where Donnie walks Gretchen home from school The atmosphere and emotion of the story was very much like that scene sweet funny real flirty nervousness in the boy's part confidence in the girl's part That's my favorite scene in the movie but it only lasts about a minute Moonshadow takes that minute and extends it which is very satisfying My only complaint is that the book wasn't longer I read it in one night it was that enjoyable I would welcome a seuel or a series of Seth books This is a book I will be keeping in my library reading many times and recommending to others Oh yes I should say I'm well into my 40's Hilarious This is a great uirky coming of age story This book is completely absurdthough in a good way 14 year old Seth Parrot lives with his uirky family in Australia His dad begins a feud with a city inspector when he accidentally flicks manure which the family was using to line their walls on Mr Raven When Seth gets a crush on a muscular kickboxing girl he finds that she is Raven's daughter In order to give his life some semblance of normalcy he is trying to woo Miranda avoid her ex boyfriend who keeps punching him and get his parents sex life back on track This is crazy and ridiculous and I liked it a lot YAH KipI must have missed the tip reference but veranda escapes me bangs I couldn't find veranda other than patio in Aussie slang or dictionary sitesI was a bit taken short by asking what countries were called before they broke up Gondwanaland I think the editor could have replaced that with continents But maybe that's nit pickingI enjoyed the book Loved Carrot's uirks the lovely difference in voices the change in tempo and cadence with MacLeod's writing Absurd bizarre and genuineI may be looking for the heart wrenching major self realization or survival to make me hesitate in giving this a hearty YAY It is a Yay and I'll be glad to discuss with others KDL Seth Parrot is having a rough life His rather odd parents insist that building a house out of manure bricks is good for both insulation and the environment His brother Jack looks like a model and has tons of girlfriends Seth is going through an awkward phase which is not going to help him attract a girlfriend with big muscles something he finds very attractive Then Seth meets Miranda at the local rec center where he is taking a drama class – she is in kickboxing and has the reuisite muscles Miranda seems to be attracted to Seth in spite of his weird hair and the random facts he spouts when nervous Things are definitely looking up until Seth’s dad and the neighborhood environmental health officer start a fight and pull mean pranks on each other The turf war starts to affect the whole family – Seth’s mom wants her husband to just stop the antagonism and Seth discovers that the girl of his dreams is the daughter of his father’s arch nemesis Can Seth and Miranda have a successful relationship in spite of the bad feelings between their families Even concerning will Seth’s parents’ marriage survive the stress of the turf war Told in a refreshing hilarious and uirky voice readers will root for Seth Parrot all the way to the end The author includes a note on Australian slang FIRST IMPRESSIONThe title It got my curiosity in the first place But I kind of expected it to be a fantasy novel so I was surprised to see it as a contemporary one I love the cover It's adorableWRITING STYLEOh my I never laughed so much in a book Amazing writing style It seemed as if the author was funny even at moments he didn't realise he was A complete refreshment from many other YA fiction I've readPLOTThere isn't much of a plot to be honest It's pretty much a book with a zillion little plots stuck together but the writer can pull it off I got sucked into this story after the first couple of pages though the first few lines were boring CHARACTERSSeth was epic Miranda was okay I loved his brother And his parents were amazing Seth is so interesting and amazing I don't think I'd be focussed on his looks His personality is amazingly awesomeOVERALLA light read with no fantasy aspects It shows a lot of humourous events and made me laugh times than I can countAMOUNT OF STARS4 Seth is determined to make Miranda his girlfriend but he is going to need some very good advice Miranda has fantastic green eyes and really good muscles and a jealous ex boyfriend who throws people into rivers As for Miranda's father he makes the ex boyfriend look like a saint Seth would also like to save his parents' marriage and write a brilliant play To meet his goals Seth finds that the best advice comes from a teen magazine called Dolly In this latest comical novel from popular Australian writer Doug MacLeod teenage protagonist Seth Parrot relates the hilarious trials of his family and his own bizarre attempts to court Miranda Dealing with a melodramatic younger brother a housing inspector bent on destroying the Parrot home and a gardener who would prefer all flowers dead Seth navigates his way into Miranda's heart Lighthearted and sweet not to mention hilarious this book takes place in a small Australian community where kooky characters abound and poor Seth wannabe playwright knows them all In fact he's one of them Though I'm no longer an awkward teenager I could relate to Seth's discomfort with his first real life crush as opposed to his poster on the wall crush the embarassment he feels for his family which directly contradicts the love he also feels for them and the sometimes loathing of an attention seeking younger sibling Though I did not have to deal with a father who waged war on a town council member I do remember neighbors that we never really liked Of course we never blew up each other's mailboxes The lessons learned in the novel are delivered gently with humor and in a non preachy fashion While they may not be overly deep lessons they are nonetheless importantI really enjoyed this book and laughed loudly throughout Highly recommended I never know what to make of YA novels The characters always seem so much sophisticated and aware than I remember being Would I have been so observant so sophisticated so witty so relatively calm in the usually fairly dramatic situations they find themselves in If these stories are meant to be models for behavior they're probably doing a good job If not I remain perplexedI'm Being Stalked by a Moonshadow is a pretty good example of the genre The adults are certainly depicted realistically and the way their anger escalates over petty affronts is all too accurate A certain amount of glossing over serious problems is troubling Perhaps atitudes are different in Australia

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