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The Cowboy's Triplets Not like I usually like my romances but I enjoyed it because of the baby theme Love baby themed romances of any kind So funny at times I enjoyed this book a lot Magic of LovePete and Jackie each other once weekly for five years Suddenly Jackie wants change and breaks things off Pete however is not ready for change He decides he wants and the chase is on When he finds out she's pregnant he is even determined This is a book that will keep you entertained This was a good book but needlessly dense I realize that the author was building a world for this series but there were too many secrets and not enough trust amongst the family My favorite part was Peter being all in on Jackie from the word go Jackie Samuels is tired of the once a week hook ups that she and Pete Callahan have had every Saturday night for the past five years She wants something and it's obvious that he doesn't otherwise he would have said soPete Callahan lives for his Saturday nights with Jackie when he can spoil her and stay all night Their secret has been going on fir five years and while he would like something but Jackie obviously isn't readyIt was all I could do to finish this book There were so many things that were left unfinished and people that didn't make sense You have Sabrina who is supposed to be a Gypsy but isn't a mysterious sister that we never meet and then Bode Jenkins who is supposed to be bad Is he or isn't he Another thing that bothered me were the time frames Seems to me that she's a little over six months when she gives birth but yet the triplets weigh four pounds each WHAT? I honestly can't believe that I finished it and I can assure you that I will not be reading book two I liked a few books from this series but read them out of order so this is actually the first one and was released a few years ago So this is of an introduction to the characters and the city I do love a good Harleuin book with babies and pregnancy So Pete is the oldest and had no idea about the secrets his Aunt Fiona was keeping and to after discovering all his life could be changed made him think and decide to act So he went after the woman he loved for years and now she’s pregnant with his triplets The only problem is the fact she doesn’t want a wedding out of pity I really liked this book and it was nice seeing Pete doing all the work because Jackie is in bed rest for the triple pregnancy plus he wanted her to understand about their relationship and the they can have I liked Jackie and agree with her because he never wanted a full relationship only date nights with sex and out of the blue is wedding Not cool but he made good on the promise and the kids are so cute The hero and heroine were dating she wanted a future he didn't seem to and this had been going on for five years Suddenly she thinks she's pregnant and he wants to get married Later she finds out the whole scheme behind that but loves him too much to care She marries him has his babies and they live happily ever after or until book two in this ongoing seriesI thought this book was pretty rockin' At other times I felt it slow down and get a bit boring I don't know if I have any books of this series but if I do I'll read 'em I think I really enjoyed this bookIt's the 1st in a series about 6 brothers and their aunt who's wanting them to get married and settle downA little bit of mystery mixed inI enjoy light books that are about family and babies Callahan Cowboys are bachelors for life That is until Pete Callahan's wily aunt delivers her ultimatum The first Callahan to marry and have children the kids the better wins the family ranchLike his five brothers Pete never considered himself the marrying kind And that's just fine with Jackie Samuels a hardworking nurse who seems perfectly happy with her and Pete's Saturday night arrangement Until she realizes she wants something from the hunky footloose rancher Like a father for the triplets she just found out she's havingPete couldn't be delighted He's suddenly got an instant family Jackie's the only obstacle to their happy ending she refuses to marry him But maybe she knows the best way to land a cowboy is playing hard to get The brothers ignorance about almost everything concerning the Diablo ranch their aunt Fiona Burke and the rest is a bit weird You'd have to be blind deaf and stupid to miss all that But still a nice story

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