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Alessandro's Prize He'd longed to claim her A vacation in Milan sounds ideal to Lily Parisi Her world was rocked to its core when she found her fiance cheating on her but now she is determined to get on with her life on her own But not for long She bumps into someone she knows Alessandro del Marc and her plans come a little undoneDarkly smolderingly enigmatic Alessandro has long wanted Lily but never pursued her He's always kept his cool However now that Lily the prize he's always wanted is in his reach he's finding it impossible to keep control The time has come to stake his claim especially since the passionate chemistry appears to be mutual

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    This book was a middle of the road read I didn't hate or love it I ended up giving it 3550 stars because of its good and not so good pointsWhat I likedI love a good hero in pursuit I have an issue with player heroes so I was feeling tough towards Alessandro at first thinking he might view Lily as another conuest However he proved himself that his intentions were sincere towards her There were several moments where he could have pushed her into sexual intimacy and he refrained knowing she wasn't ready for that I ended up liking and respecting him a lot for that I also liked that he was steadfast in his regard for Lily despite her cold shoulder I could feel that he truly loved her Also I liked that he was self made with a tough life behind him He had turned his life around with the guidance of Lily's aunt and her deceased husbandI loved that Lily was a fully ualified chef and actually had a job that she put a lot of time and energy in I also liked that she was a woman of independent means I think Bianchin managed to show that Alessandro could afford to shower her with material things because that's just obligatory for an HP hero isn't it? even though she didn't need them view spoiler It was a bit sneaky how it turns out that he owns the restaurant where she gets hired as an assistant chef and her apartment building I had to laugh because his tendency to own everything reminded me of Roarke from the In Death series by JD Robb hide spoiler

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    3 ⭐⭐⭐ OK decent readsdescribes parties and clothes of the rich in detail crazy ex good hero

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    The heroine Lily goes to visit her godmother after breaking off her engagement There she meets the hero Alessandro whom is her godmother's sort of adopted son Alessandro is immediately drawn to Lily's gracefulness and calm nature and wants to get to know her As he does he realises that he wants with her than a short term relationship Lily is not interested in a relationship especially after the disaster of her engagement and she is trying to make a new life for herself in Milan She enjoys getting close to Alessandro but with problems coming from her ex fiancé she is reluctant to get hurt again and tries not to let Alessandro in This is a very tender and warm romance that has two very nice characters But I do feel that the story is very slow moving almost EVERY details of the character's movements are described and with hardly any 'breaks' that I felt it got rather tedious There are a couple of elements that I think could have been taken further to add depth and excitement to the story eg Lily's stalker esue ex and Alessandro's rough childhood What I did like though is the actual courting of the characters which is unusual in a romance novel and very pleasant to read Overall I do feel a bit let down by the story I uestion whether this would be suited to the Cherish line of the Romance side of the RIVA line in my opinion it's not uite powerful enough for a Modern Originally posted at

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    I rarely review the Harleuin Presents books because well really they are so formulaic you sort of get what you pay for Some are better than others and all follow one of about 6 predictable plot lines That is what I like about them When I need to escape I can always count on a Harleuin PresentsUntil now This is the most disappointing one I've read yet I didn't feel the heat Didn't understand the attraction Did not enjoy the detail and complete lack of dialogueUgh

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    Hmmm nothing bad just bland and boring Hero is in pursuit of a wary heroine She broke off her engagement when she found her fiancé in bed with another woman She goes to her aunt in Italy to heal and recoup She meets hero he pursues she tries to stay aloof her ex hounds her by text and email until he finally shows up and makes trouble Hero saves the day Takes her away and offers his love She takes some time but ultimately accepts him

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    Okay so I've acknowledged that Helen Bianchin writes the same book over and over again it just happens to be a book I'm finding very soothing at the moment This one is an exception in some respects the pacing is much slower than usual the hero suffers from no ualms about wanting to reunite with the heroine and there's no evil other woman except for a brief party appearance by a woman with the clearly evil name Chantelle There is however the heroine's jackass ex fiance who graduates from view spoilerthreatening to sue her for breach of promise after getting caught in bed with someone else to attacking her on the street in full view of witnesses hide spoiler

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    The vou fighting for the girl It was really good to read a book where the guy really have to fight for the girl Alessandro was interessed in the heroin since page one and he really decided to show her He was charming caring and lovableWhat i didnt like was the lack of hot Scenes In this book although there is a lot of chemestry between the copule the author decided to skip those parts The sex scenes Were barely thereOverwall a really good story

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    Lily take a vacation to Milan to get away from her cheating ex fiance Her parents were from there and her godmother is there She is introduced to charismatic Alessandro who is so far different from her ex Will their chemistry be enough? Her past is has not stayed in the past What happens when he comes back and demands she take him back? What will Alessandro do step aside or protect his new woman?

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    3 12 stars really I got a bit fed up with the thoughts all through the book It is OK to sometimes know what they are thinking but not so many times This was a story of determination and patience Bringing the ex into the story was good and made things a bit exciting I was really surprised that Alessandro's powers of seduction didn't appear earlier

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    Bland Boring The woman in the beginning makes too many assumptions about the man I don’t like people who already have so many opinions about people they don’t know and who are being nice to them The man is nice and charming the woman not so nice The woman was of the passive agressive type I stopped reading the book

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