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Sugar Daddy Diaries Frustrated with her stalled career as a broadcast journalist and uninspired by dating naive and needy guys her own age Helen Croydon joins a website to seek an older man She expects it to be just a few fun dates in some fancy bars but finds herself propelled into a world of Prada shopping trips fine dining first class travel and fascinating powerful men Helen's soul searching dating adventures take her to New York Malaysia highbrow sex parties top ski resorts and London's finest hotels When one of her dates alludes to a monthly allowance she is shocked but how long will her resistance to the idea last Sugar Daddy Diaries is a confessional true story that uestions modern ideals about relationships examines the attraction of power and asks if money can ever be the currency of love

About the Author: Helen Croydon

Helen Croydon is a best selling author journalist and broadcaster with a focus on social trends modern relationships gender euality and health and fitnessHer latest book This Girl Ran Tales of a Party Girl Turned Triathlete is out in February 2018 It's a memoir about ditching a city girl lifestyle discovering outdoor sport and ualifying to be a GB triathleteHer first book Sugar Daddy D

10 thoughts on “Sugar Daddy Diaries

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    I liked parts of it but found it changed tact half way through Sometimes there was waffle too

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    Before this book I thought women who dated older men were just slutsBUT THANK YOU HELEN for showing another perspective You were honest and gave it a good perspective You were curious about a whole other world and shed light on it in such a way that made it glamourous and so basic at the same timeNow when I see young women with much older men I think of your lessonsGreat book to show people another perspective

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    Bought for me as a joke but an interesting look into the lives of super rich sugar daddies and their arrangements with young attractive women The author is knid of annoying though; she is anti relationship which is fine but never really faces the fact that she is engaged in a form of prostitution by allowing men to pay her for sex Her narrative is littered with self justifying asides and whilst I admire her honesty she never really asks herself the uestion that looms over her memoir; why would a young attractive successful journalist accept payment from men for sex?

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    Croydon takes us through her experiences of excusively dating wealthy sugardaddies Not a bad read but drags a bit and I didn't really care about her Never a good look not caring about the central character Interested though that she lived on her terms and refused to apologise for itThe memoir 'The Extreme Dating Diaries of Isabelle Monroe' is far pacy and funny read But I would say that I wrote it after all

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    Interesting and entertaining This is a diary account of a late 20searly 30s women who doesn't seek long time commitments and has a thing for older men Thus I felt that book talking to me a lot of times P The voice is refreshingly honest and direct the different man Helen meets via various online dating platforms are described in a way that makes them all easy to distinguish Helen offers some fascinating views on life and relationships views of the tolerant kind I liked reading this it was like meeting a lot of new people who each had their story to tell

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    What motivates a Sugar Daddy? He knows at his age he can't expect someone of younger age to be with him He finds that a financial investment is often a substitute for an emotional affection and acceptance Once a Sugar Daddy is naked he clings on to any human being He views intimacy as a commodity and he wants the rewards of a devoted girlfriend but also the freedom of a bachelor lifestyle When does a Sugar Babe stops taking the money? When she changes her view about what she wants

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    Fast read beach read but an interesting story of a girl who began internet dating because she preferred older men Over time it seems to evolve into something rather different possibly addictive not entirely healthy but a well documented journey through it and back I always like happy endings

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    Sugar Daddy Diaries describes or better yet borders the forbidden sugardaddy sugarbaby world Helen Croydon offers the insight for those who are curious but afraid to ask The book represents the Helen's experience on wwwsugardaddiecom at the extremes I would say a very courageous book that somewhat depicts what each and everyone of us secretly wants but afraid to go for it

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    With a warm and clear voice Helen took me into a world that I never knew existed sugar daddy internet dating As her adventures became extraordinary I couldn't put the book down I was constantly wondering what was going to happen to her next I admire Helen's honesty and bravery for writing this book

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    Great insight I learned a lot through this bookUnfortunately the reality in the UK seems to have changed a lot since Helen's experience with the sitesI would like to be a modern day mistress So far have not been successful but will keep calm and carry on

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