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Did the Earth Move? It's all about Eve At least it should be after divorce with Dennis and being jilted by Joseph Eve could use a little me time Yoga and tending her tiny organic garden keep her centered but life's complicated when you have two barely grown sons two little ones at home and a demanding job At the end of the day Probation Officer Eve morphs into Mommy Eve master of meals homework laundry and bath time It's all or nothing But Eve is irrepressible a free spirit who still ponders the big uestions Is she too old to dye her hair pink Does a one night stand with the veterinarian count as a sex life Did she let the one man who truly adores her get away When her oldest son announces he's getting married Eve's exes come hurtling back into her world and she sees the men in her life with new eyes After all there's to love than out of this world sex Though if you're lucky you can have both Eve has had a hard time of it Her first husband Dennis ran away her long term lover Joseph is now engaged single mother to four kids with a wide age gap you really feel for her Yet she's strong resilient with a great sense of humour throughout You learn her story during the book as she comes to terms with the fact she will soon be a grandmother This book show exactly what it's like being a single parent trying to make sense of life and maintaining hope for relationships in the futureI have no idea why the titleI suspect the author and editor really didn't know what to call it But it's a great read There are things I liked about this book1 Eve found her way after her husband left her 2 That she was kinda of a hippy and that is about it The things I hated 1 The endsless sex scenes Honestly wtf? 2 How her looks kept being brought up in the book OKay I get it she is a sexy bitch in her late 40's3 Why did the american teeage girls have to be into drugs? Dennis could have been a bad dad to them but why would it have to go to that? 4 She never confronted the chick for having an affair with her husband and 5 it wraped up to easymight as well have put they lived happily ever after I am just happy I bought this book for 200 and not full price The only reason I got it is because I thought it might be funnynope no chance in that Ahh that was a feel good book Eve Gardiner is a rather cool urban single mum who lives in a small North London flat with her four kids Denny 22 Tom 20 Anna 9 and Robbie 2 She gardens and does yoga every day to keep herself sane while holding down a stressful job as a probation officer She is pretty content and her life is filled with her children friends work and occasional casual sex Then suddenly Tom announces that his 20 year old girlfriend Deepa is pregnant and that they want to get married her family deeply disapprove of the match And things start to get really complicated when Tom decides to track down his father Dennis who walked out of their lives when his business collapsed leaving them penniless and invite him to the wedding And if that's not enough to put the cat among the pigeons Eve's alarmingly attractive much younger ex boyfriend Joseph and father of Anna and Robbie appears on the scene again and they both begin to wonder whether they did the right thing when they split upYes it's chicklit but it's well written and has a bit substance than you sometimes get Very enjoyable

  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Did the Earth Move?
  • Carmen Reid
  • English
  • 01 May 2016
  • 9780743493765

About the Author: Carmen Reid

Carmen was born and brought up in a chilly and windy corner of Scotland in the depths of the countrysideThis may explain her lifelong phobia of cows and abiding interest in cities department stores books the cinema and newspapersShe is currently working on her eigth novel for grown ups and her third novel for teenagers Well she likes to keep busyCarmen did once study English Literature at

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