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Le Grand Secret The Immortals is the story of a couple separated by an extraordinary event only to be reunited by exceptional circumstances that no man or woman ever knew It is also the story of a mystery that since 1955 secretly brought together the leaders of the most powerful nationsIt is this secret that put an end to the Cold War that led to Kennedy's assassination that makes Charles de Gaulle's behavior in May 1968 understandable that makes Nixon's trips to Moscow and Beijing indispensableIt is the secret of both the greatest fear and the greatest hope in the world a story about a woman looking for the man she loves who seemed to have been kidnaped While searching she will come across something huge the world's best kept secret an info shared only by our political leaders A secret that could change the world It's a sci fi story who bases itself on history but then uses some events to create a new story where world leaders are conspiring but this time for the greater goodIt was captivating The plot is good and we don't really have clue of what's really at stakes until it's actually explained to us I loved it The first half of this book was entrancing and I loved the way the author rewrote historical events to fit his story's needs perfectly But the ageist conundrum of Jeanne really disturbed me especially when written by a man Perhaps it was a typical male viewpoint for the '70s but today it rings pitiful one of my favourite book of Barjavel Read this for Secondary 3 Interesting premise but the story felt really slow in the first half Also the feelings between Jeanne and Roland weren't all that well communicated to me All that it seemed to be was lust I don't know why this book took my fancy so much If you are relatively comfortable reading in French I recommend this HB I'm talking to you It is an easy read It is science fiction and I just adored it though I wouldn't count it among great literature Definitely the best Barjavel I have read I even re read itI put it on the list of faves most of which I gave 5 stars This one only has 3 because it's not such an amazing feat of literature just a highly enjoyable read The immortals my second favorite Barjavel's book about immortality Though it got a bit old some of the feelings I got from this book are still burning in my mind to this day and I make many life decisions based on the conclusions I took from this read TL;DR a science fiction book that made me feel very claustrophobic which I'm not sure was intendedThere's a world wide conspiracy a premise of which is cool There's also a love story which is you know a love storyAnyway I'm gonna give my review with very personal impressions which you might not share There will be major spoilers so I'll mark them as spoilers naturally1st part Jeanne and Roland are very much in love Love love love They are both married to other people but who cares MEANWHILE the leaders of most powerful countries in the world are very worried about something Some scientists go mysteriously missing together with their families and their laboratories are incinerated One of them is Roland Oh no Jeanne tries to penetrate the conspiracy in search of Roland For 17 or so years Now that's a devotionFinally the world leaders get tired of her and say Ok you can join your lover in a place where he is now but you can never return at which point I would have said Well cool thanks for the offer but N O P E I kind of like not being locked up But Jeanne agrees of course MAJOR SPOILER THE WHOLE PREMISE OF THE CONSPIRACYThe conspiracy view spoiler A scientist is working on a cure for cancer He develops a new virus that cures cancer in mice and makes them invulnerable to all the other diseases as well He tries this drug on himself as well not in the controlled surroundings because that's how responsible he is He also goes around touching stuff etc Anyway turns out the virus works on like everything multicellular I assume and not only cures you but also you stop aging and become immortal And turns out it's contagious as well Fuck If it spreads everyone gets infected and overpopulationnot agingnot enough food because infected plants stop producing fruit they stay at the flowering stage DOOM World governments gather everyone infected in the small island where they live in artificial environment closely monitored so that they don't escape That's where poor Jeanne is going hide spoiler Love will stand the test of time

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