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A Scandalous Affair A dynamic Washington DC activist Samantha Montgomery faces the controversy of a lifetime when she agrees to help handsome civil rights attorney Chad Rush take on a landmark police brutality suit Not only does their sudden fiery attraction endanger the already turbulent case but it puts Samantha at heartbreaking odds with her attorney sister Simone With both family and a cause at stake Samantha must walk a dangerous line between passion and loyalty duty and desire to discover the most fulfilling love of all

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    not a big fan of politics so bk wasreally not for mefirst twochapters were alright bt the rest wasjusdamn boringnot that captivating

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    A Scandelous Affair ArabesueThis was a good look at a problem that effects many cities in America Rogue police killing young African American men and the politics that keep this biased behavior alive I gave this book 4 I will read 📚 by the author Donna Hill

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    Samantha SimonePolitical intrigue civil rights and love lost and found was in this story Simone seemed confused about what she wanted other than a political career

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    I good seuel to the first book

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    Turned out to be a great exciting read

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    It's a good book Just wish the ending was different

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    There was a bit of intrigue

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