Convincing Ethan Great Wolves of Passion Alaska #3 ePUB

Convincing Ethan Great Wolves of Passion Alaska #3 Siren LoveXtreme Forever Erotic Paranormal Menage Romance MFMMMMM werewolves sex toys spanking Ethan has been in love with Eve since he met her He knows that she is their mate Still he feels drawn to her mind as much as her sexy curvy body Since she is the one who nursed him back to health after his attack he thinks that her feelings spring from saving his life But for him that is enough As Eve works side by side with Ethan she finds a kindred spirit He respects her mind and understands the way she thinks It doesn't hurt that he seems to know what she needs even before she does She knows he thinks she doesn't love him and Eve decides to pull out all the stops to prove to the stubborn wolf she truly loves him But someone is still bent on attacking the pack and as the violence escalates Eve and the Dillons find they have no one to trust but each other NOTE You are purchasing Siren's newest serialized imprint the LoveXtreme Forever Series This is the third book in the Great Wolves of Passion Alaska collection These books are not stand alone and must be read in the numbered order Each book may end on a cliffhanger but usually with a happy for now for the heroine and one or men The final book contains a happily forever after for the heroine and all her men A Siren Erotic Romance Originally posted at may be the smart reserved member of the Dillon pack but Eve has no problem bringing him out of his shell or teaching him a thing or two about true love Author Kiera West brings us back into the exciting world of the paranormal by way of Passion Alaska When we last visited the once sleepy little town an unexplained evil had begun randomly attacking the wolves shifter and pure blood alike as well as the townsfolk that protected their long kept secret During the attacks Ethan had been seriously injured but was recovering with the help of his mate Eve a young scientist that was in Alaska to study the wolves Book three picks up with Ethan healed and ready to spend time helping his kin discover who was out to start a war among the shifters He also hopes to find some uality time to be with Eve but has convinced himself that they will never have the strong connection she has with his older brother and Alpha of the Dillon pack Noah Lucky for Ethan Eve has no such preconceived notions Ms West gives a sneak peek into the future where the strength Eve shows in defending her mates will be put to the test Before the final battle is fought lives will be lost and it begins in Convincing Ethan Ms West is a fairly new author but you wouldn’t know it by her writing Writing a single story about one hero and heroine that flows smoothly and keeps the reader coming back for is difficult Beginning you writing career with a series where the heroine takes on not one but six men is amazing in my book Each book in the series focuses on the relationship between Eve and one of the Dillon men Ms West does a terrific job of keeping the other men in the story involved while maintaining the integrity of each books premise If a romantic paranormal of fated mates and suspenseful villainy is what your craving look no further than the Great Wolves of Passion Alaska series The passion burns hot even when the weather turns cold Part 3 of the Great Wolves of Alaska series sees Ethan struggling with his feelings for the Dillon packs mate Eve MacMillan and accepting that she would never truly reciprocate his love as he is not the AlphaAs the mystery of why wolves in Passion Alaska are being slaughtered continues Eve is developing strong feelings for the six males in the Dillon family and knows that secrets still remain there is something none of them are telling her Starting with bringing Ethan out of his shell and proving her love to him hopefully he will help with some of the answers to her uestionsThis is my favourite story so far I really like Ethan's character He is so vulnerable and unsure of himself which is why he throws himself into his work and hides in this lab I would have given this story 4 stars but the mix up of names within the text and typos were annoying and disappointing With that said the story is moving along uite nicely and although the truth of the murders and Eve becoming the Dillons' true mate isn't going to happen until the final story it doesn't feel like things are being stringed out as each story focuses on one of the pack and his relationship with Eve I read this in line while waiting to vote Gotta love living in a democracy I think everyone in line was jealous that I had thought ahead and brought my kindle fire with me I didn't think I would like any of the Dillons then Noah but Ethan proved me wrong I loved how out of all of the guys he is the one who understands the scientist in her the best I loved how they spent time in the lab working together and watching him fall for Eve and her struggle with loving then one guy was sweet The mystery also kicks it up a notch in this book Ethan just won me over and I was impressed with how Eve gets Ethan as much as he gets herThe only problem I had with this book was that out of all of the ones in the series it was the one that had the most editing mistakes I normally don't catch mistakes but there were a couple of times where Eve was obviously thinking about Ethan and instead of Ethan's name Noah's was used It just threw me off a bit especially because I didn't notice any editing flaws like this one in any of the other books

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  • Convincing Ethan Great Wolves of Passion Alaska #3
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  • 19 December 2016

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