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The uotable Hitchens from Alcohol to Zionism Over the past few decades the bestselling author of Hitch 22 has crisscrossed the globe debating religious scholars Catholic clergy rabbis and devout Christians on the existence of God appearances that have attracted thousands of people on both sides of the issue He has been invited to talk shows and events to discuss everything from the death of Jerry Falwell to the sainthood of Mother Teresa from US policy in the Middle East to the dangers of religious fundamentalism and beyond And he is always armed with pithy discourse that is as intelligent as it is uotable The uotable Hitchens gathers for the first time the eminent journalist public intellectual and all around provocateur Christopher Hitchen's most scathing inflammatory hilarious and clear cut commentary from the course of his storied career Drawn from his many TV appearances debates lectures interviews articles and books the uotations are arranged alphabetically by subject from atheism and alcoholism to George Orwell and Bertrand Russell from Islamofascism and Ira to smoking and sex and perfectly capture the wit and range of intellectual willing to show his teeth in the case of righteousness

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    Ugh avoid avoid avoid this chopping up of the splendid Mr Hitchens renders him into a bile filled spleen ueen you would run a mile on broken glass to avoid plus how would it be if someone took sentences here and there from your random writings from the past 30 years out of context and presented them as the dernier mots of political wit you may be saying whoah don't do that please these old arguments of my youth have surely lost their relevance whatever points I was making will have been forgotten and I'll end up sounding like an upmarket Sneerometer press the red button for a lofty putdown of Shimon Peres John Major or Ed Muskie Who? ExactlyJunk this stupid book and read Christopher Hitchins' actual contextualised writing where he doesn't sound like someone with a Mensa level version of Tourette's Syndrome

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    What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence The measure of an education is that you acuire some extent of your ignorance Have a feeling this will go into my Top Fav's list Have only gotten through the Introduction and am already making highlights in my Kindle It's either love or hate him there is no in between Love Hitch loved the uotes and loved some than others

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    As a kid I would sometimes read uotationaries for hours pouring over page after of page of witticisms highlighting the ones I wanted to memorize I remember believing that memorizing uotes about virtue would magically make me virtuous and that storing up perfectly worded insults would make me funnier Both of these hopes were largely hollow they mainly contribute to the making of a self righteous prick but the second has at least brought me joy Bonding over beer and bombastic rants has solidified many a friendship in my life and as every barroom orator knows Christopher Hitchens is the patron saint of booze propelled wit This book shows many of his sharpest barbs funniest uips and most memorable complaints Curmudgeon though he often may be in scope and elouence he is the closest thing we have to Dr Johnson or a one man Bartlett’s

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    In Which Mr Hitchens Describes James Carville in his Role as the Prosecutor in the Film The People v Larry Flynt as looking every inch the product of the love scene in Deliverance orig rvw 52216I admit to being part of a crowd of people who chose not to read Hitchens on atheismreligion for fear of raising doubts So I'm exceedingly late to the party in reading and delighting in all of his legions of essays opinions and reviews; his language and logic remind me of the incredible powers of the human brain Just a few of my personal favoritesCameo parts are played by Flynt himself as the judge who once gave him a uarter century in the slammer and James Carville as the prosecutor in that very case and looking every inch like the product of the love scene in Deliverance” “Hustler with a Cause” Vanity Fair Nov 1996“In their upwards of a dozen trysts according to Ms Lewinsky under oath she would perform unconsummated oral sex on the leader of the Free World She would then step back a few paces disrobe and perform a little dance while he completed matters on his own The president denies that this was a sexual relationship and by my standards he’s correct in doing so This is the CD Rom version of romancing a copy of Penthouse” Independent August 1998“Donald Trump—a ludicrous figure but at least he’s lived it up a bit in the real world and at least he’s worked out how to cover 90 percent of his skull with 30 percent of his hair” London Rev of Books Jan 2000“ The ability to laugh is one of the faculties that defines the human and distinguishes the species from other animals With the other higher mammals which I do not in the least wish to insult there may be high levels of playfulness and even some practical jokes but no irony An individual deficient in the sense of humor represents of a challenge to our idea of the human than a person of subnormal intelligence ” Letters to a Young Contrarian 2001All found in this treasure chest of a book

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    Similar to Amis's King's English and just as witty The book reads like Hitch is sitting on your couch sharing a bottle of Walker and cataloging complains and brewing axioms One interesting point the book complies TV and debate uotations too In print it's wonderful to really notice how well spoken he is A fine book but not a traditional book Probably the best bathroom book I own

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    Agree or disagree w Hitchens he is never boring and always challenges us and the conventional wisdom

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    ORIGINALITY “Originality is a uality so rarely met with in humans that when it does occur it is often disputed” “Steal This Article” Vanity Fair May 1996So rare are there individuals who truly possess the faculties to continuously amaze and enlighten those with similar and differing opinions with as deft a command of the English language as Christopher Hitchens With his passing in late 2011 human discourse has suffered greatly and may have lost a considerable amount of intelligence ‘The uotable Hitchens’ is for the avid fan a bittersweet survey of this masterful language lost to eternity For those who have tackled his prose previously this work will feel like a well thought out eulogy even though it was prepared prior to his death For those unfamiliar with his work it may serve as a buffet of introduction and a mere toe dip of the brilliance that may be encountered in his writing Prepare to challenge yourself your convictions and at times your sense of humorRIP Mr Hitchens – may your immortality live on in your words and your challenges to the intellectWIT “Wit after all is the unfailing symptom of intelligence” CH

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    These two stars are not aimed directly towards Hitchens who is still one of my favorite human beings and possesses a razor sharp wit and keen perception of our world that stands alongside the Democritic Rationalists but for the sheer choppiness of how his uotes are presented Many of these ‘uotes’ are taken way out of context missing over the meaning of the original essays they were printed in These selected uotations only make Hitchens sound like a cantankerous old fart instead of a broad thinking intellectIf you are going to read Hitchens I highly recommend Mortality and Christopher Hitchens The Last Interview and Other Conversations Better yet go google some of his essays He wrote practically on every subject under the sun and offers funny poignant complexly rich thoughts on every one of them If I had read this book before completely knowing about him or exploring his other works I would have been turned off by the bitterness and hostile negativity

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    I have often thought that when I do die it will be of sheer boredom“Nonintervention does not mean that nothing happens It means that something else happens” This man was not shy about his feelings on things Agree or not you just have to admire his blunt honest assessments on issues I wish there were like him

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    As other reviewers have pointed out in one way or another this isn’t anywhere close to an appropriate introduction to Christopher Hitchens But the introduction by Martin Amis is reason enough to pick up this book “Christopher is one of the most terrifying rhetoricians that the world has yet seen Lenin used to boast that his objective in debate was not rebuttal and then refutation it was the “destruction” of his interlocutor This isn’t Christopher’s policy—but it is his practice Toward the very end of the last century all our greatest chess players including Gary Kasparov began to succumb to a computer named Deep Blue; I had the opportunity to ask two grandmasters to describe the Deep Blue experience and they both said “It’s like a wall coming at you” In argument Christopher is that wall The prototype of Deep Blue was known as Deep Thought And there’s a case for calling Christopher Deep Speech With his vast array of geohistorical references and precedents he is almost googlelike; but google with say its ten million “results” in 07 seconds is something of an idiot savant and Christopher’s search engine is much finely tuned In debate no matter what the motion I would back him against Cicero against Demosthenes”Excerpt FromThe uotable Hitchens From Alcohol to Zionism The Very Best of Christopher Hitchens “Beware the irrational however seductive Shun the ‘transcendent’ and all who invite you to subordinate or annihilate yourself Distrust compassion; prefer dignity for yourself and others Don’t be afraid to be thought arrogant or selfish Picture all experts as if they were mammals Never be a spectator of unfairness or stupidity Seek out argument and disputation for their own sake; the grave will supply plenty of time for silence Suspect your own motives and all excuses Do not live for others any than you would expect others to live for you” Christopher Hitchens

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