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Greek They've fought over guys sorority elections and who gets the last Cheeserito Casey Cartwright thought that made her and her ZBZ little sis Rebecca Logan closer But when Casey's ex Evan nominates Rebecca as the next Omega Chi fraternity Sweetheart and Rebecca hesitates Casey vows to play hardball ZBZ's status on campus depends on Rebecca winning that title It's time for some sisterly guidanceMeanwhile Casey's brother Rusty wants to create a truly spectacular legacy for his fraternity Kappa Tau and KT prez Cappie is hoping to live up to Casey's expectations for their fragile new relationship The pressure is getting to everybody When Casey goes overboard trying to advise Rebecca on how to win Sweetheart things reach the breaking point Will a surprise finish to the competition shake everything apart or is it just the shock needed to bring best frenemies together

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    I wholly support the buying and reading of this book Mostly because I wrote it

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    I've been in a restless reading mood and stumbled across this on Overdrive and it was just what I needed It felt like the show and gave me my CaseyCappie fix

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    When feisty snarky Rebecca Logan is nominated for the honor of Omega Chi sweetheart her ZBZ sorority sisters have their work cut out for them Rebecca has some seriously mixed feelings but Big Sis Casey is determined to use a win to get ZBZ out of fourth ish place in the Greek rankings and to try to salvage her own legacy from the wasteland designation of a gap year Over at Omega Chi Evan tries to manage the Sweetheart campaign while dealing with close minded fraternity brothers stuck in the past and over at Kappa Tau Cappie and Rusty are looking to their own future legacies by building life size Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robots for their houseI had a lot of fun reading this book Tie in novels can be a tricky read for me I want characters to be different at the end of books than they are at the beginning but I assume that often the authors of tie in novels are expected to leave the characters as they found them to secure the toys safely back in the toy box when they're done That and sometimes the tone of a TV show or movie can't easily be translated into book formLuckily Best Frenemies features excellent moments and shifts in characterization all while fitting in nicely with canon end of season three It feels like an actual episode of the television show The character voices are pitch perfect especially Casey and Rusty and Rebecca's characterization is deliciously and complexly vintage Rebecca Her speech Only Rebecca can pull off a screw you all speech while coming across as both diplomatic and sweet Warner deftly handles the entire ensemble giving attention to all the regulars and most of the favorite secondary characters There are plenty of unexpected and awesome character interactions Cappie and Ashleigh talking Greek philosophy Rebecca and Dale having aheart to heart? Kinda? as well as progress on some familiar ground Evan Calvin and Grant negotiating the hostile waters of Omega Chi Casey trying to keep a level loving head about Cappie's inability to seize the future or at least declare a major Much like the show there are fun pop culture references as well as academic references Cappie's writing a paper on Aristotle and robots for crying out loud and a sly joke about the school's ceaselessly perfect weatherAlso in addition to Greek system hijinks favorite characters being awesome and all that fun stuff there's a nice theme of What sort of legacy are we leaving for the future? woven throughout the various subplots Highly recommended to fans of the showNote I received a review copy from the publisher via NetGalley

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    I love the fact that you can step right into these novels and feel like you’re one of the gangespecially if you’ve ever seen the ABC Family show The characters personalities are right on their actions and reactions just what you’d expect Sounds predictable? Not really familiar in that “old friends” way All your favorites are back; from Ashleigh the current ZBZ house president through an interesting turn of events to Casey the perpetual dater of both Evan and Cappy who has finally set her sites on one goal from Rusty the boy genius who always tries his hardest even when the going is beyond tough to Owen the out of the closet Omega Chi that will back friends until the end no matter what house they pledge a lesson learned from his pal Rusty Let’s not forget Rebecca as she takes a fairly starring role in this book whether she wants to or not and manages to pull off an ending thatwell perfectly suits her and surprises us all; chalk it up to typical Rebecca Logan results It’s just great to spend time with all those we’ve come to know and love from this group without any one of them truly stealing the spotlight Each one crops up from time to time to make an appearance and say hello a great balance achieved gracefully by the authorRecommended read for fans of the show fans of the first GREEK novel and those that simply love the Young Adult genre and are looking for a light fun read to chase your cares away for a bit The world of CRU fun and hi jinx is callingare you in? Happy reading

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    Just as witty and good as the show

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