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The Rich Man's Mistress After two days of glorious unexpected passion with gorgeous Luke Decroix Miranda was already naming their babies But for him it was only a brief affair so Miranda returned homealoneThen Luke offered her a dream job designing his house But how could she work so closely with the millionaire after their liaison in France She agreed on one condition that their relationship would be strictly business

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Rich Man's Mistress
  • Cathy Williams
  • English
  • 09 February 2014
  • 9780373820429

About the Author: Cathy Williams

Cathy Williams was born in the island of Trinidad the West Indies She is a great believer in the power of perseverance as she had never written anything before apart from school essays a lifetime ago and from the starting point of zero has now fulfilled her ambition to pursue this most enjoyable of careers She would encourage any would be writer to have faith and go for itShe has been writi

10 thoughts on “The Rich Man's Mistress

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    Really since when does a sprained ankle make it difficult to undress yourself? walk yes but undress???? Grrrrrrand I'm only on page 10DNF Could not read this tripe

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    I didn’t like the protagonists

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    The ending of this book gave me like the biggest warm fuzzy I've had in a long time after reading a book It took some teeth grinding to get there 'cause this hero and his way of getting the heroine out of his system IN FRONT OF HER made me snarl on than one occasionAnother GREAT reason to read this book is the chapter just before the Epilogue it's all there accusation redemption passion surrender acceptance regret and love She let him have it and he accepted her scorn and turned it into the sweetest declaration of loveI was close to tears the third time I re read the scene Of course I am a big old softie; so read it yourself and tell me what YOU think

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    25 stars I loved the first part of this book when they were snow bound in the cabin I enjoyed watching them getting to know each other better and liking what they saw after a bad start when the heroine first showed up there The transformation from snow bound cabin to real life was not as good as I was expecting though I didn't feel the chemistry after that and the story lost me I usually like not having the hero's POV in your face because it keeps you guessing but in this case I think the author needed the hero's POV to keep up the intensity between him and the heroine but he didn't have a POV Luckily I could tell from Kept by the Spanish Billionaire and the first part of this book that Cathy Williams has a lot of potential and I am still looking forward to reading by her

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    While skiing Miranda sprains an ankle and ends up snowbound in the cabin of Luke Decroix After a few passionate days with who she thinks is the caretaker Miranda goes back to London and is shocked when her one weekend stand turns out to be a millionaire and shows up and offers her a jobIt took me nearly a week to read this book which says a lot considering that I can easily go through a couple of these books in a day I was hoping that I'd enjoy it a lot because I really like snowbound type stories but I found both hero and heroine impossible to stand Miranda was a spoilt self absorbed entitled brat and Luke was arrogant brutal unbending and cruel I really can't say much about the book it took me so long to read I've forgotten most of what thin plot there was In any case it was a slog to get through and by the end I didn't care whether hero and heroine got their happy ending although I thought they probably deserved each other This one's definitely going in the to donate pile 1 15 stars

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    Lets just say I facepalmed alot

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    Oh my this book totally enters in the pwp category Awful

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    The sex scene where he asks her to undress herself and she does is sizzling hot I especially like how intrigued he was by her breasts and all the special attention he gave them That’s how a man should react when you flash him your naked body That’s a than a 5 stars sex session they have I also like his tenderness when he brushes her long hair I like the story As with most Harleuin novels you as a reader should not think too much and just enjoy the romance Don’t think if something is even possible When I read Harleuin books I just want to be swept off my feet This book does that I’ll keep this book so I can re read it I like the sex scene too much

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    Very good Even produced a few tears

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    Miranda's a spoilt rich girl and this makes it so challenging to read but makes her so real at the same time Despite her coming to some sort of realisation that she doesn't want to continue wasting money with her 'friends' born into wealth like she was she is reluctant to shoulder the responsibility of hard work for fear of rejection and that her self worth would have to be based on something else other than her looks and money A tedious read both main characters are hard to identify with in general

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