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The Worst Witch Saves The Day Worst Witch Book 5 Something is up at Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches Mildred Hubble's new form teacher is really weird Or is she Investigating isn't easy especially when Mildred's potions go wrong the class know it all insists on being 'helpful' and her beloved cat is having a nervous breakdown

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    In this fifth book in The Worst Witch series someone’s pretending to be someone they’re not automatically deceiving everyone in their passage including trouble prone Mildred While I did enjoy this seuel I found it not as surprising and creative as the last Many elements were recycled from past books—there’s one even the author acknowledges—and while Mildred’s attitude towards them changes seeing her reactions was not enough entertainment to make me love The Worst Witch Saves the Day as much as the others Also it’s like The Worst Witch and Her Friends Save the Day because without them Mildred would still be in trouble right about now Her friends often come to the rescue by the way It’s about time someone mentions that Every character gains maturity except for Ethel It’s as though her immature unexplained feud with Mildred will last forever The worst thing is Ethel doesn’t even have minions so she’s just some random villain who annoys most people and no one seems to fear At least now she hides some of her sneeringIt was good to learn that Mildred has a family—a mother at least That’s all that was explicitly said But at least she was mentioned Before I didn’t even know if she had parents or not Only the girls and school are talked about in the series Nothing of the exterior world I wonder if the mundane people even know witches exist Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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    I have always loved these books and finding one you haven't read before is always a delight Everything you could want in a series of children's books

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    What a brilliant story Mildred often finds herself in a spot of bother exactly when it’s needed I don’t know what the Academy would do without herI don’t think I can stand much of Ethel though someone really needs to put her into her place as she’s driving me nutsMiss Hardbroom seems to be softening towards the girls a little bit 😂😂

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    Another adventure for Mildred and Co and this time people have the grace to point out that most of Mildred's accidents aren't her fault This story starts with a hair disaster and ends with people being transformed into ants and snails and also features a really weird new teacher

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    Michael Gregory and I listened to this story as an ebook It was our first introduction to the escapades of Mildred Hubble and her friends and it was very entertaining Mildred is the worst witch in Miss Cackles Academy of Witchcraft and has a history of getting herself into impossible scrapes Everything Mildred does seem to lead to complete disaster for her and her pets Mildred's class has a new teacher and she is a very unusual witch with an extraordinarily high pitched voice and a very unorthodox way of teaching Mildred runs into trouble with a hair curling iron and this ultimately leads to her discovering some rather interesting things about her new teacher Miss Granite Can Mildred with the help of her tabby cat and her friends manage to save the teachers of Miss Cackle's Academy from a dastardly plot?

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    These books have every single feeling all at once I can laugh I can cry they are funny they are scary The worst witch gets into a bit of trouble but she often saves the day These books remind me that sometimes mistakes are good and accidents can lead the way to success

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    Zachary loved this I think this is one of my favourite books in the WW series

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    Another great adventure with Mildred Hubble As I recommended this for young readers I just wanted to note that Ethel is just a bit meaner to Mildred in this one “Had a brain transplant during the hols holidays?” Ethel is always mean but it’s usually just her being competitive and dismissive rather than outright nasty Also it mentions Miss Hardbroom possibly having sherry Otherwise it’s just as lighthearted and fun as the others

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    Short and sweet and full of intrigue This one was loads of fun too with lots of jokes and mishaps in the beginning Mildred seems to have really hit her stride as a heroine and I can't wait to see who she helps out in book 6

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    Review to come

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