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The Highest Stakes of All Once upon a time and far away Joanna Vernon found herself as the ultimate prize in a dangerously high stakes card game When the last hand had been revealed the knowing curl of Vassos Gordanis's lip told her he had every intention of claiming his winningsThough no setting could be beautiful than Vassos's private island to Joanna the Aegean Sea was merely a turuoise hued prison wall In the Gordanis house a woman was expected to know her place and this gorgeous Greek knew this was exactly how he planned to settle the score

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    45 starsWhat can I say about this one to give it credence for the awesome trainwreck that it is? This one has’em hissing and spitting in outrage and is indeed one of the most un pc stories I’ve read in a few months for a Harley anyway We start at a hotel in France where our sexy heroine Joanna Vernon is being coerced by her hot gambling daddy she calls him Denys to babe it up in order to distract the other players so he can clean house After some mystery occurrence in Australia she thought she would never have to lower herself in such a way again boo hoo how could he? but daddy always winswhen he’s not on a losing streak that is However she definitely wouldn’t until she got through babysitting dammit Gotta love a good Mary Sue and her determination to remain true to herself where it counts Enter the hero Vassos Gordanis who first rattled the babe’s cage when he flexed his Greek pecs over the side of his yacht and now had her trembling with trepidation with his hotness and his hard stares Daddy Denys was oblivious to the off vibe but baby girl knew something wasn’t right when they sat her strategically across from The Gord while having burly bodyguards focus their stink eye on her throughout the game Just when Sweet Thing thought they just might make it out unscathed and even ahead of the game Daddy Denny’s gambling addiction grabbed him by the goozle and he put the whole kitnkaboodle including his baby girl in the pot against our hero Well you know what happens Daddy loses and gets escorted out like the wretch he is leaving Sugar there in her go go boots with the big bad Greek God with the “I will have you” look on his face We get the warm little speech from our hero where he informs his winnings that he planned to use her goods until he was done and tired of her and then planned to sell her off for a tidy little profit I have a scrape on the bottom of my chin from where my jaw hit the floor Really? Human trafficking? In a Harley? Woah I guess that will teach her to shake her pompoms in order to help her old man to swindle unsuspecting pigeons out of their life savings In an anticlimactic move from Godly Gordanis he decided he was too tired to cash in his winnings that night and sent his little goodie bag to his private island somewhere in Greece Of course everyone there was also hissing and spitting literally to ward off the evil from our innocent and misunderstood skank Along the way we learn that this whole scene was a setup snared in a trap of their own making in retribution for ruining the life of the nephew or was it a second cousin? of the hero’s I thought we were going to find out the dude had jumped off a building or something but actually he just got dumped by his fiancébut it was life altering and they had no right to do what they did to him Poor little dude who turns out to be a lying little dude There had been some other shady character Lucky Louie or something other who was really the catalyst but it wouldn’t have been any fun to get revenge on him Our hero finally returns all hot and horny and can’t even wait until bedtime to find out how sweet was the pie that influenced his little relative to throw away his whole future just for a taste This is where we find out that the nephew had claimed that she seduced him and drugged him with her hawt sex until he didn’t know which way was up So the hero goes in with gun cocked and loaded only to jump off like a scalded cat when the heroine screeches bloody murder in his ear Can’t remember if she ever said why she didn’t tell the hero about the hymen but that’s beside the point now Dubious consent maximus The upside is that the whole household got to witness the evidence of her virginal cough ex virginal status and no longer spit in her path It’s at this point where I expected that the hero would be hit with pangs of conscience and free the little bird now that he knew that she was just as much a victim of her skeeze daddy as the men whose money they took Nope Made no difference at all Our amorous stud started cashing on a nightly basis for days and week Although our blossoming flower wanted to spread her petals she forced herself to stay closed up figuratively speaking so he would never know how she was starting to feel for him Stockholm SyndromeThere was some side plots about a hidden daughter and how heroine was pivotal in saving the father daughter relationship It was only then when he got his first taste of fatherhood that he had an eureka moment and thought maybe coerced submission wasn’t the way to a woman’s heart cause he was falling in love too you know All that raping had been in order for her to start to feel something for him and want live with him forever never knowing that she was already there With pangs of guilt and remorse Va Va Vassos goes and finds Big Daddy and ships him and his new rich wife over to collect our gently used heroine We get some snide and denigrating remarks from the new stepmomma and groveling and regrets from pops But our little chip off the old block did some gambling of her own and claimed that she had a bun in the oven and wasn’t going anywhere We had some gasps of shock and pleasure and our unconventional couple made their declarations of love Of course she was lying through her teeth or making proclamations of the future as she put it but she got to cash in her chips and end up with a Greek god with his own yacht I know this one broke every rule of decency but I loved it It was crazy and over the top and brave for all its outrageousness Yes the heroine got the short stick for a while but she was a con artist even if a misunderstood one And she did end up with hot husband and an island after all Daddy got his comeuppance and had to live under the thumb of that rich evil harpy And the hero got taught a lesson and will be doing his own belly crawl forever and ever Everything worked out for everyone’s benefit yes? So don’t be so mad

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    I gotta confess I like this book NO I don't advocate rape selling women or bitch slaps But I still fondly remember the Sara Craven's and other HP's from the 70's that were my very first romances These were seekrit modern bodice rippers that my mum felt were much age apropos than The Flame and the Flower or Sweet Savage Love which is what she was reading at the time which I did read BTW just under the covers at night Fortunately she never really picked up one of those little forced seductionsold as a sex slavecomplete with bitch slap gems cause then I probably would have got foisted off with Nancy Drew Complete Series Set #1 64 And that would have been a terrible waste of flash light batteriesSo that explains my fondness for the book But what really makes this one stand out is how SC modernizes the H at the end Seein the 70's it was all rapeforced seduction with the sneaky h outwitting the domineering H by doing something he specifically forbade her to do and then the H having a HOLY COW Hissy Bitch slap fit and then the h's shattering realization that she really lurves this primitive manly manThe H acknowledges that he lurves her too by a manly grunt and a loogy hawk as he hauls her by her hair back to his usually fabulous in Harvest Gold and Avocado Green man cave there to live in her mindless lust induced adoration with his acknowledging grunts forevah and evah world without end amenSara Craven takes a bold step forward in this proud 70's tradition and actually has the H in this one explain himself including appropriate begging and actual flowery declaration of true lurve and the H even OMG Gasp asks the h to marry him This ending with H manly explanations and an actual proposal would have caused a riot back in the day The wails and complaints of having an H actually talk about his feelings would have rung around Romancelandia and probably would have ended the HP line Nowadays we are evolved of course and can enjoy the nostalgia of forced seductiondragging by the hair with the added bonus of the last three pages of Sudden H Personality Transplant to A Sensitive New Age Kinda Guy Who Can Talk About His Feelings in Words Of TWO Syllables instead of one grunt and mind control I appreciated the difference with this one and fondly recalled the many many nights under the blankies with my trusty flashlight and a forced seduction

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    A glorious trainwreck of the old skool variety that really shook everyone up when it came out in 2011 SC set it in 1975 but as Boogenhagen points out her review the hero grovel was not standard for the 1970'sAnyway this one has it all a virgin heroine exploited by her gambler father A revenge filled hero who buys the heroine because she supposedly caused his nephew to lose a lot of money By the end of chapter four he promises to use the heroine and then sell her to some other guy The stakes are high as the title suggestsHero does forcibly seducerape the heroine Instead of softening toward the heroine he is angry he's been duped and he doesn't let the heroine off the hook He'll teach her to enjoy sex Meanwhile heroine befriends the hero's neglected daughter and decides she loves the heroWhen the hero realizes his daughter is really his daughter long story he discovers his inner feminist and realizes he needs to give the heroine her life back Heroine is heart broken to leave this prince of a man Heroine's father finally shows up to blackmail the hero but heroine pretends to be pregnant so she can stay with the hero Declarations and grovels ensueFor all the hero's bad behavior and it was very bad I think daddy dearest was the biggest villain in all of this Plus his new wife is pure evil It almost makes sense the heroine wants to stay with the H almost LOLFor trainwreck lovers only

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    35 starsSara Craven pens a romance that alternates between sheer fun for its '70s pop culture references and angst for its revenge by sexual enslavement plotline To make her narrative even interesting the author serves it in an amalgamation of the Persephone myth Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre and the vintage romance this one is set in 1975 which also happens to be the same year the author started writing for Harleuin Mills Boon My favorite references to the latter had to be the heroine's skimpy crochet dresses and VHS cassette tapes but in a disappointing twist the hero doesn't wear a gold medallion necklace All isn't lost though as he and the heroine do engage in a slinky dance which is the hallmark of any self respecting '70s romance See Love At First Bite or Airplane LOL While not campy Vassos and Joanna's dance to Donna Summer's disco hit Love to Love You Baby is anticlimactic clean fun because poor Jo doesn't even get a kiss much less a full blown lovemaking session that evening But I'm rounding up to four stars because I can't stop thinking about the brief yet oh so sensual scene told in flashback format 😉So on to the revenge plot Joanna is an unhappy accomplice to daddy dearest's gambling cons because he needs her and well she's a Sara Craven heroine They're martyrs when it comes to family and that's the way it is She and Daddy of the Year are in for a surprise though when one of their past tricks comes back to bite them in the form of the wrathful Greek hero Vassos He's out to avenge his family by leveling the score the biblical wayview spoilerJoanna didn't have sex with Petros hero's cousin's son but she had led him on and could have had warned him about the trap her father and his cronies had set up for him hide spoiler

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    Two words Stockholm SyndromeThis Harley had it all gambling virginity revenge rape parental betrayal lots of great sex followed by indifference Hey what's not to loveI have a lovehate relationship with Harleuins but in this case I may go to simply hate In Harley world it's not that a heroine can't be so stupid as to fall in love with an abusive alpha male but these two NEVER relate on any level but sex Great sex but stillEven after he hurts her while taking her virginity he does not re evaluate the situation What kind of a Greek alpha billionaire is he that he is not overcome with remorse for taking the virgin's virginity? This is simply not done in a Harleuin The hero always regrets taking the heroine's virginity H needs to read the rule bookThe heroine is deadly Never speaks up for herself caves at the first opportunity and wears a doormat uite nicelyAll I wanted her to do was go the poolhouse get a floaty and paddle herself away from his private island Yes his own private island

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    I realize this book will not be for everyone but I liked it Maybe it's because it is an extremely old school Harleuin and I have a soft spot for those Hero is very alpha heroine is his victim but she is also a con artist so she's not entirely innocent Her kidnapping didn't bother me and her rape didn't bother me either because I didn't see it as rape at all She was clearly smitten with her captor and she definitely enjoyed their lovemakingIn my opinion the real villain of the story was her father Talk about a major bastard I wanted to slap him silly for using his daughter nonstop and basically prostituting her What made me even furious was that the heroine forgave him for being such an asshole She should kick him to the curb but alas she has a kind heart

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    Oooff I need to thinkOkay there are several problems with this hence the time I needed to think First and foremostly this is not tongue in cheek satire or some nod at former bodice rippers by a young author No this is an actual bodice ripper written in 2010 by a woman who wrote them already in the 1970s Sara Craven was 72 when she wrote this book and the purplish prose as well as the unmitigated bodice ripping aka rape apology and male supremancy obviously are a result of her own ideologyGiven this I have a very hard time being amused by this book even though I actually was amused at times Read from a modern vantage point I might agree with Loederkoningin's take of this being sort of a Ds non con slavery scenario sprung at unwary romance readers Had it been written as such with a certain tongue in cheek attitude and routing all the FSoG derivates and Twilight wannabes at the same time this would have certainly commanded a high rating and my applauseUnfortunately I am convinced it isn't this Instead I think it is a genuine article written many years after its heyday Therefore it gets 1 for being rape apologist and 2 for being amusing And I rounded up rather than down here on Goodreads for the plot bunnies it gave me ;

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    If non consent scenarios are a trigger for you I would advise staying away from this one If viewed in a serious light this would be highly disturbing If however you're willing to read this sort of thing and able to put on your crack colored glasses this was truly one crazy ride with tropes than I can count I can't believe it was written in 2010 it definitely has an old school feel to it There was even a Gothic element with the secretive islanders and the mysterious sullen little girl who always wore a party dress Anyway no one could possibly do a better review of this glorious trainwreck than Julz did so check her review out for all the particulars on the cray cray

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    Too bad the rating list doesn't allow for negative stars Rated it a 1 as that's as low as it goes Horrible horrible book Offensive How are kidnapping rape and child neglect romantic? Does H even READ what it publishes? Vasso the male character doesn't deserve happily ever after he belongs in prison Does setting the book in 1975 somehow make the things okay? Oh and even better he tells her that once she starts to bore him Vasso plans to sell her to a new owner making a handsome profit I'm a long time H Presents fan and naturally I've read H books that were less than stellar boring and not my cup of tea But I never read one before that made me sick to my stomach

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    Mostly undecided about this one To put it simply the plot was Greek mythology meets Indecent Proposal with a little bit of Jane Eyre thrown in the H hides his daughter away; although to play devil's advocate he didn't uite know if she was his or not but still the neglect was unforgivable There's also a healthy amount of reference to the Onassis saga; setting the mood for the 'Greek billionaire' plot line Together these elements made for a dramatic story and I uite enjoyed most of it However this is not your typical Harleuin romance and the love story itself has many emotional elements though not so much to do with the H and the h You see the attraction between the protagonists but it's not something they give into straight away and it's of a slow burn happening between the H Vassos and h Joanna While some parts of it felt a little dated like it should have been written in the 70's80's I liked the fact that Vassos didn't make a huge deal about Joanna being a virgin except to exonerate her from whatever crimes he though she was guilty of And then instead of raving at her for not telling him before as most harleuin heroes do as if they're the wronged party he chooses to show her how beautiful the act of making love can be Which brings me to the one big flaw in this tale the physical was highlighted than the growing emotional bond between the hero and the heroine; so when they do confess their love for each other it seems a little rushed and abrupt Like they could have probably taken a couple of weeks to get to that point Also there are too many things diverting attention from their connection like the mystery of the H's ex wife and child and the h's father's antics and the hero's disappearance most nights I also didn't like Vassos's housekeeper Hara who behaved like a bawdy house madam than a faithful servant of old for the Gordanis family Or 'Mrs Vernon' On the other hand I loved loved loved Eleni and my heart went out to that little girl so neglected and abused for no fault of her own I was really happy she found her HEA possibly happier than when the H and h' found their HEA Nonetheless I liked this one and of course I absolutely love Sara Craven's writing style; although this does not uite measure up to some of her other releases so three stars and a commitment to reading of her stuff whenever possible

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