Night Slayer: Midnight War Kindle É Night Slayer:

Night Slayer: Midnight War FROM COP TO DEMON HUNTERMy Name is Jason Night Im a SWAT Team Commander and former Marine Ive experienced a lot of crazy shit in my life and I dont scare easily At least not until today After seeing my whole team get wiped out by a succubus and nearly dying myself Ive been recruited by a mysterious sorceress to become a soldier in a new warA WAR AGAINST MAGIC AND MONSTERS An evil web of darkness threatens our world a global network of black wizards and creatures of the night known as the Cabal They are everywhere and nowhere Controlling our society from the shadows Leading us toward the apocalypseE TIME HAS COME TO FIGHT BACKI faced terrorists abroad battled criminals in the rough streets of Los Angeles but nothing prepared me for the next chapter in my life I have to master magic and spells battle vampires and shifters warlocks and witches demons and ghosts And resist the charms of monsters as seductive as they are deadly One thing is for sure the future wont be boringJASON NIGHT IS DEAD LONG LIVE THE NIGHT SLAYERDISCLAIMER NIGHT SLAYER is a Supernatural Action Adventure Urban Fantasy This novel features graphic violence cursing and harem situations

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