Black Box Thinking: The Surprising Truth About Success

Black Box Thinking: The Surprising Truth About Success An extraordinary inspirational book which reveals how great performers and teams are driven by an insatiable curiosity for marginal gains together with the intellectual courage to challenge their most cherished assumptions Dave Brailsford General Manager Team Sky Creative breakthroughs always begin with multiple failures This brilliant book shows how true invention lies in the understanding and overcoming of these failures which we must learn to embrace JAMES DYSON DESIGNER INVENTOR ENTREPRENEUR Matthew Syed has issued a stirring call to revolutionise how we think about success by changing our attitude to failure Failure shouldn t be shameful and stigmatising but exciting and enlightening Full of well crafted stories and keenly deployed scientific insights BLACK BOX THINKING will forever change the way you think about screwing up DANIEL PINK AUTHOR OF DRIVE TO SELL IS HUMAN Retrieval was Matthew Syed s forte when he was England s number one table tennis player You couldn t get anything past him And retrieval is the subject of this extraordinarily wide ranging book Retrieval of hope retrieval of experience not just a true sportsman s determination to retrieve success from the lessons of failure but a true humanitarian s too A book that dares us to do better HOWARD JACOBSON WINNER OF THE MAN BOOKER PRIZE ExcellentTogether with his pervious book it adds up to a persuasive account of human accomplishmentThis book is a sustained argument about the damage done by the growth of blame culture in Britain and AmericaSyed s lively book is a powerful warning of the damage such a culture can do The TimesColumnist for The Times and bestselling author of Bounce The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice Matthew Syed argues that the key to success is a positive attitude to failure

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