The Art Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained MOBI ë Art

The Art Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained Discover what makes a piece a significant work of art and tour history s greatest masterpieces See the master works of Pablo Picasso Vincent van Gogh Claude Monet andFrom prehistoric cave paintings to postmodern art The Art Book exploresthan different movements periods and works throughout history including ancient Assyrian sculpture and contemporary Japanese multimedia works Art s theories and themes areapproachable and easier to understand through innovative graphics and creative typographyPart of DK s award winning Big Ideas Simply Explained series The Art Book profilingthan artists and pieces of work and covers paintings drawing sculptures ready mades land art installations andFollow how art changed in the Medieval world to the th century to the modern age Study famous pieces of art including Venus of Willendorf The Book of Kells and Rembrandt s Self Portrait Learn the differences between Paul Czanne Henri Matisse and Roy LichtensteinWith stunning images and graphics clear writing an artist directory and a vocabulary glossary The Art Book is the perfect introduction to the complex and exciting world of art

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