[Learn German-Bilingual Love Story] Mit Wem Du Deine

[Learn German-Bilingual Love Story] Mit Wem Du Deine Wohnung Teilst - The New Roommate: German-English Parallel Text (German B1, German B2) (German-English Bilingual Stories) (English Edition) New Unexpected A Love Story Increase German Vocabulary Consolidate German Grammar Enhance German Comprehension Improve German Proficiency Learn German Bilingual Love Story Mit Wem Du Deine Wohnung Teilst The New RoommateGerman English Parallel Text German B German B Learn German with Bilingual Stories Pairs of Antonymous Adjectives Is this book suitable for you Are you learning German Do you like reading stories Do you want to learn German by reading stories Do you know that reading German English bilingual stories is the most efficient way to enlarge your German vocabulary Are you interested in comparing German and English sentence structures and taking your German knowledge to the next level Are you looking for a book that is suitable for intermediate German learners of B or B level Common European Framework of Reference for Languages known as CEFR If you answered Yes then this book is PERFECT for you What is special about this book In order to give you an active and enjoyable German learning experience we designed an intellectual challenge for you In the story you are going to read there are pairs of antonymous adjectives namely descriptive words with opposite meanings for example Right Wrong Polite Rude Sunny Cloudy Beautiful Ugly Rich Poor Smart Stupid uiet Loud Positive Negative Young Old Glad Sad Expensive Cheap Heavy Light Long Short Clean Dirty Modern Historic Relaxed Nervous uick Slow Adorable Repulsive Wild Tame Public Private Mental Physical Gentle Harsh Soft Hard Formal Casual Sweet Sourand MANY MORE Can you find all of the antonymous adjective pairs in this story and write down the list in German How to use this book This book contains four parts Part is the German English parallel textYou can learn new German words and sentence patterns through comparing the German text with the English text paragraph by paragraph without wasting time in checking dictionaries or grammar booksPart is the English German parallel textAfter reading Part you can immediately start with Part This time you should try to identify all the antonymous adjective pairs in the English text and write them down in GermanPart is the German text aloneAfter finishing Part and Part you should put this book aside for a while After two or three days you can return to this book again and read Part in German directly in order to test how many new words and sentence structures you have masteredPart is the English text aloneWhen you are confident that you are very familiar with this story including the plot vocabulary sentence structures and grammatical points you can try translating Part the English text into German either mentally or on a piece of paper This way you can reinforce your memory and put your German knowledge into maximum use Learning German reuires determination repetition and dedication Start your journey of active German learning TODAY Take action NOW

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